Practical method of continuous drying and covering

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Practical method for continuous drying and covering of the plate printer

the specific operation is as follows: take two layers of red adhesive film (not deformed due to climatic conditions) as a cover, put it on the glass of the plate printer, stick the edge tightly with double-sided adhesive, cut it straight, put the red adhesive film on the glass when the plate printer is vacuumized, cover one side, expose a set of regular lines at the edge, and develop the regular lines with a brush dipped in a little developer after exposure, After drying, put the film under the magnifying glass and stick it firmly to avoid displacement when closing the glass. The exposed side of the cover is also exposed with a set of drying lines, so that the gap between the two drying of the PS version will not be greater than 2. Among them, the wood pulp numbered 47 touches 25%, 20% and 5% of the 3 blocking tariffs of mm (generally, the finished controller panel between the two drying has conditioning buttons, and the sum of the notches is 6mm). There will be no false appearance at the edge. It is convenient to add corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments

because if the printing plate needs to be saved, the light reflected by the light source of the machine through the paraboloid on the lampshade is basically a parallel beam, and the light is rarely tilted when passing through 12mm thick glass, so you can rest assured to put the continuous drying cover on the glass

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