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On December 10, another key energy conservation and emission reduction project of Lianyungang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the "wet to dry" project of No. 6 blast furnace gas dust removal system, was officially put into operation, which can further reduce the company's new water consumption per ton of steel by 0.4 cubic meters and save 1.07 kwh of electricity per ton of steel Li Shaojie, director of the circular economy Office of the production management department of Hualing Lianyuan Steel, is full of expectations for the "wet to dry" project

since the beginning of this year, Lianyuan Steel has been looking for new bright spots to tap potential from "multiple perspectives and all directions". By increasing the proportion of self generating electricity, reducing the waste of water resources, increasing the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residue, improving the external sales of liquid products, and vigorously developing the circular economy, it has made remarkable achievements

in 2014, the circular economy of Lianyuan Steel achieved 354million yuan. Among them, the energy efficiency is 170million yuan, and the industrial waste residue efficiency is 53.5 million yuan. Undoubtedly, the development of circular economy has become a new profit growth point in the transformation and development of the company

the power generation in 11 months is higher than that in the whole year of last year

increase the recovery of converter gas, reduce gas emission, and make full use of the residual gas, waste heat, residual pressure and other resources generated in the production process of blast furnace, coke oven and converter to generate electricity. The proportion of self generated electricity in Lianyuan Steel has increased year by year

"as of November 23, 2014, the cumulative power generation of Lianyuan Steel in the first 11 months has reached 2.519 billion kwh, which has exceeded the power generation of the whole year last year, generating an additional 152million yuan over the same period last year." Yang Canjun, director of the energy management office of Lianyuan Steel, told that with the official and power generation of the sixth phase of power generation project on June 2 last year, the company has accumulated 17 sets of self generating units, with a total installed capacity of 435mw and a maximum daily power generation of 8.89 million KW · H

in the first half of last year, Lianyuan Steel adjusted its energy utilization structure and built the sixth phase of self generating power projects by using advanced energy-saving technologies such as blast furnace top gas residual pressure recovery power generation, dry quenching waste heat power generation, sintering waste heat and converter waste heat power generation. In addition to meeting the production and living needs, the gas and waste heat generated in the production process of coke ovens, blast furnaces and converters are all used for self generation, effectively realizing energy conservation and emission reduction, and killing many birds with one stone

in terms of compressed air power consumption, each main unit optimizes the technical operation parameters of the equipment through continuous improvement of internal processes; The compressed air consumption index and economic system were strictly fulfilled, which promoted the decline of compressed air consumption of all users; Compared with the same period last year, the power consumption of compressed air decreased by 35.68 kwh per 10000 cubic meters, and the node efficiency was 1.9882 million yuan. The power consumption of compressed air decreased by 44 kwh per 10000 cubic meters compared with last year

after the continuous implementation of various measures, the proportion of self generated electricity in Lianyuan Steel has increased steadily. Among them, the proportion of self generated electricity reached 74.59% in October 2014, and the proportion of self generated electricity reached the best level of 82.3% on the national day. Last year, the power generation of Lianyuan Steel increased by 266million kwh year-on-year, of which the waste heat power generation increased by 45.313 million kwh compared with the same period last year

in addition, Lianyuan Steel will strictly regulate the use of steam, reduce the steam emission rate and improve the efficiency of generator units; It is planned to use the remaining saturated steam in the 2250 Hot Strip Mill and 210 converter steelmaking plant to build a new steam turbine generator unit, which will increase the power generation by 80million kwh every year, and the annual efficiency is expected to be 24million yuan

the consumption of new water per ton of steel "breaks three see two"

"in February last year, the consumption of new water per ton of steel in Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. hit a record, reaching 2.74 cubic meters, a year-on-year decrease of 1.47 cubic meters, a decrease of 34.59%, saving 172800 yuan of fresh water intake costs compared with the plan." Pengguoxiong, an employee of Lianyuan Steel Energy Management Center, introduced to

in 2014, in order to reduce the cost per ton of steel, Lianyuan Steel checked the water use process and constantly improved the unreasonable water use phenomenon; These products include structural components of carbon fiber prepreg; Inspect the inspection points of the prepreg of the prototype low-pressure curing carbon fiber mold that can be used for the production of composite parts processed in autoclave, and timely find and deal with the leakage; Reasonably transform the original sewage treatment process, reuse the backwashing water to the new industrial water, and realize the reuse of water instead of industrial water; Strengthen the lean dynamic management of water system and improve the operation efficiency of water treatment facilities. Through these measures, Lianyuan Steel has formed a water-saving mode of optimizing water and wastewater reuse

in view of the waste of water resources and the phenomenon of running, emitting, dripping and leaking in the production plant, Lianyuan Steel organized professional and technical personnel to visit and investigate the consumption change law of production water users, summed up the economic operation mode of the company's water system, and achieved a stable wastewater recycling rate of more than 99.65%. In terms of the technical index of new water consumption per ton of steel, each ton of steel decreased by 0.64 cubic meters compared with last year, saving 380600 yuan in the cost of new water intake at that time

the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial waste slag reached 95%

"innovate management and look for new economic growth points. In July 2014, the company took advantage of the maintenance opportunity of two blast furnaces to install water slag ferromagnetic separation equipment. In four months, 323.5 tons of water slag iron were recovered, creating an effect of more than 160000 yuan." Li Shaojie, director of the circular economy office, cited the economic benefits brought by the utilization of industrial waste residues to enterprises

last year, Lianyuan Steel further standardized the industrial waste residue management system and the relevant processes such as the identification of the whereabouts of industrial waste residue, strengthened the supervision, inspection and assessment of the online operation of industrial waste residue, and focused on the inspection, measurement, delivery, posting, settlement and other work of materials such as gas ash sold externally, zinc bearing dust removal ash of blast furnace and slag under the furnace of domestic environmental protection companies, so as to achieve the consistency between accounts and materials and prevent the loss of resources

in terms of standardizing the contract management of industrial waste residues, Lianyuan Steel strictly manages the prepayment, return of processed products, settlement, on-site supervision and other links in accordance with the company's contract management measures. The recovery rate of the payment for export waste residues reaches 100%, and the domestic sales and internal transfer materials are transferred and settled in a timely manner. So far, no event affecting production has occurred

in 2014, the organizers of the industrial exhibition were also constantly exploring and learning from experience. The comprehensive utilization rate of industrial waste slag reached 95%, the utilization rate of iron containing raw materials was 100%, and the ore blending efficiency of iron containing carbon containing dust and sludge and waste processing products was 53.5 million yuan, all exceeding the annual target plan

at the same time, Lianyuan Steel has also actively done a good job in the identification and declaration of comprehensive utilization of resources, achieving 100% identification of generator units, and the annual tax exemption for comprehensive utilization of resources has reached 130 million yuan

liquid products increased by 380000 Yuan year-on-year

in order to maximize the benefits of low-temperature liquid products, on the premise of not overflowing the dissatisfied tank, Lianyuan Steel has taken incentives as a new starting point this year, spared no effort to carry out the "sprint of key indicators" to improve the external sales of liquid products. The sales of liquid products in 2014 increased by 774.7 tons compared with last year, creating an additional 387400 yuan

the emission rate of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other products is controlled, which increases the output of liquid products. In terms of production organization, through the implementation of refined management in the oxygen workshop of the company, all teams and groups timely make point-to-point direct contact and communication with the main production units, accurately and reasonably organize and control the economic operation mode of the oxygen generating unit of the system, and strictly control the pressure of the oxygen main pipe. At the same time, strengthen the overhaul and maintenance of system equipment to avoid system failure affecting nitrogen purity; In the process of efficient and stable argon distillation, the extraction rate of argon can be maximized through horizontal super competition

in order to ensure that the external sales volume of liquid products continues to rise, since July, Lianyuan Steel has reasonably organized the alignment of export vehicles according to the liquid level of liquid products, prevented the overflow of liquid products, strictly controlled the emission rate of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other products, and increased the external sales volume of liquid products, so as to achieve a win-win situation of two economic and technical indicators

as of December 10 last year, the total export volume of low-temperature liquid products of Lianyuan Steel has reached 24800 tons. It is necessary to comply with the new development trend and complete the company's annual export plan in advance, with an excess of 2533 tons

nowadays, Lianyuan Steel, with clear water and blue sky, has made great strides in the journey of vigorously developing circular economy, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. All sewage is reused after treatment to realize zero discharge of waste water, and the "three wastes" resources including iron dust, smelting slag, waste water, gas, waste heat, etc. realize closed-circuit circulation and recycling

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