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MTL announced the launch of 4500 series safety isolators

recently, MTL instruments announced the launch of mtl4500 series safety isolators, which are specially produced for the process processing industry. It should be installed on the basis of concrete. By adopting the currently popular mtl4000 series isolator technology, the newly launched mtl4500 series products represent the next generation of isolation interface unit equipment

this new isolator series product can easily integrate the i/o equipment of all main instruments and DCS supplier products similar to the mtl4000 series products previously launched by this product in the same safety mode "Composite materials can only be used when the components are required to be lighter, the unit cost is lower and the production process is more efficient. The production line is equipped with 24 kinds of safety isolators for analog and digital input and output, which can meet almost any process chemical industry application.

the new 4500 series isolator technology has the following characteristics:

(1) rapid safety and disassembly mechanism;

(2) providing the highest packaging density on the market;

(3) Single and multi-channel i/o modules

(4) 3-port isolation with low functional dissipation

(5) it can be compatible with the mtl4000 series products launched previously. Their main difference is that they are compatible in operation

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