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Looking at the application of digital printing of Deutsche Post from multiple perspectives

Deutsche Post undertakes a large number of correspondence transactions. In 2004, the printing and letter business department of Deutsche Post printed, processed and sent billions of letters. Digital printing technology has penetrated into the postal field. This paper introduces the current situation of digital printing application of Deutsche Post

the same below) in the three days before the election, Deutsche Post was very busy. Enterprises call this kind of production "one-time action", that is, operations related to seasonal events, such as printing selection materials, tax returns or annual payment statements. In addition, there is "centralized communication", that is, processing personalized daily letters and block trade printed matter from PC. The work of the mail department is also diverse. In general, billions of letters were sent in 2004 - a total of seven production plants processed, printed, processed and sent


in 1994, the establishment of the initial printcom business scope at the Bonn headquarters should mark the entry of Deutsche Post into the field of electronic data transmission and begin to think about "how to use electronic data in mail communications". The target groups of this service are: telecommunications service providers, insurance companies, banks, financial service providers, as well as administrative agencies, towns, federations and states. In short, all these units expect their printing costs to be quite high. Cooperating with external service providers can save time, energy and costs

AOK in Bavaria cooperates with Deutsche Post to handle all daily correspondence transactions in 250 business offices. Deutsche Post receives the data at the agreed time and remits the data into the printed copy with the best postage; Printed by the printing company in the business office, it is usually sent on the same day. The project leader of introducing AOK e-mail said, "for us, this means saving a lot of time. Previously, we had to prepare all these letters for printing, print them through our web printer, and put them into envelopes by hand; now we can send out communications with three clicks of mouse."

quality management

in order to meet the requirements of customers, Deutsche Post has invested a huge amount of money. The business manager said, "we guarantee 100% supply and delivery or production of our products." He continued to explain, "if the password of the credit card is not sent or delivered to the wrong recipient, the loss is considerable." In this regard, enterprises have raised the quality and error management to a higher level: each side of the printed moving parts contains the so-called service data line at the edge

this digital code can be used to identify and prevent double delivery or wrong packing of envelopes. In addition, video readings are also used. Because most of the sensitive data are involved here, the security rules are correspondingly strict. The production center employs almost only fixed staff, who are employed in accordance with postal regulations and customer specific rules. This means that the whole production involves postal secrets and data protection rules. The entrance inspection prevents unauthorized personnel from entering, and the production site adopts indoor video monitoring equipment

full service

the production plants located in Hamburg, latingen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Leipzig are closely connected with each other. When there is a problem, there is a backup device immediately. Of course, people try their best to arrange the live parts to be handled in the factory near the customer

if a customer needs Deutsche Post to provide a full range of services, he can get comprehensive services from the production preparation stage, including IT technical consulting, design and layout, as well as optimizing postage posting and printing data archiving. Customers can send printing data in standard format around the clock. These data are converted into variable printing data on the spot

bulk printing mainly adopts Web digital paper printing. For example, there are two pain points that restrict the development of graphene at present: one is the dispersion problem, such as the use of Xerox, OSI or IBM systems. Most prints are still black and white, but spot colors are increasingly used. Full color printing is mainly used for advertising mail printing

post press processing is also diversified. In addition to cross folding, letterhead folding, warp folding, single folding, folding and other folding and automatic envelope loading, you can also choose to transport up to 8 inserts. For example, advertisements for accounts, information brochures for payroll tax cards, or remittance forms for tickets are usually personalized contents, such as account numbers, recipients, corresponding processing numbers, and amounts due - so the inserts must not be mistaken. Of course, in this case, invoices and forms can be sent through a perforated line. It can also be packed in double envelopes, just like what is needed for mail delivery. Deutsche Post also provides sealed mail, such as sealed pin or tan (personal password or transaction code)

postal service and postage

within the business scope of the printing and Letter Service Department of Deutsche Post, you can choose to paste stamps, postmarks or use the so-called electronic postal postage marks to complete the delivery

according to "In recent years, after receiving the printing data directly, the Deutsche Post letter service department prints it in the computing center, archives it, and then sends it. These digital copies are provided to all people who have access rights, such as call centers or customer management centers and field staff.

the production center of lajengen is the largest printing and letter service factory of Deutsche Post. Most live parts are digitally printed on Web China Post business is divided into one-time action, centralized communication and block transaction printing. Control the envelope sealing system through the touch screen

machine readable labels

publishers and mail order companies send about 2.2 billion mail order items in Germany every year. Correct customer address is their important capital. Therefore, the automatic address update service of Deutsche Post is increasingly used. Since January 1st, 2005, this address update service must use a special yellow address label. This so-called Cheshire label is formed according to a strict pattern, and it must be printed into machine-readable for electronic follow-up processing. At the CeBIT exhibition in 2005, psi exhibited a high-speed continuous paper laser printer, which meets the requirements of postal service for printing quality, and also provides medium volume solutions for publishers, mail order companies and printing service providers

for electronically recognized Cheshire labels, accurate printing positioning and clean handwriting are necessary. Usually 38mm × 85mm large label printed on 305mm size × 375mm (length × Wide) on continuous printing paper. The pp4050 high-speed continuous paper laser printer meets all requirements, printing 1500 labels per hour, equivalent to 46000 labels. The more efficient pp4060 laser printer prints 1800 or 57000 labels per hour

these two high-speed continuous paper laser printers have been used for Cheshire label printing with medium printing number. The machine is characterized by high flexibility, high quality and economy, and is suitable for a variety of applications, such as industry, logistics, banking, service providers, express printing shops or mail order companies. The machine fills the gap between line printers and central large printers in these departments

continuous paper laser printer printing

psi laser company showed a general set of solutions for continuous form printing and post-processing at CeBIT exhibition in 2005. Only in one process, the continuous form is printed by the continuous paper laser printer, output by the edge guide hole, and then separated. The main functions of the automatic spring testing machine of the production line composed of pp4060, 35CD unwinder, modular s2051 paper tape merging machine and m3010 separator are explained in detail! It is mainly suitable for enterprises with medium printing volume. It can print 300000 pages per month. For example, it can complete the preparation and sending of bills, supply documents or emails in one process

at CeBIT exhibition, three manufacturers showed how to deal with 3-page emails. 35CD unwinder will send continuous printing paper to pp4060 printer. This machine is duplex and prints 63 pages per minute. S2051 paper tape merging machine receives the printed form, cuts it into two paper tapes through the middle, and then overlaps and transports the paper tapes. Then the m3010 separator cuts off the edge of the guide hole and separates the two paper tapes into a single page by transverse punching. Finally, take out the stacked single page finished products from the page receiving table

in addition, it also provides post press processing solutions, such as folding machines, envelope loading machines and postmarking machines, which can be combined with continuous paper laser printers

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