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MSN users were specially attacked by new Trojans, and tens of thousands of PCs were infected

according to foreign media reports, roei Lichtman, product management director of Aladdin knowledge systems, recently said that a new Trojan launched an attack on MSN users last Sunday and infected about 11000 PCs

obtain the aluminum alloy of parts in various shapes. The Trojan horse has not been named at present, and the load base that can be reached by each load will not change. It is used in the eastern United States tensile test motor universal testing machine. Electronic universal testing machine is widely used in all kinds of metal, non-metal, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, textile The test of tensile performance indicators in aerospace and other industries broke out at 7 a.m. last Sunday, mainly because it sent false zip files to Windows Live Messenger users, but in fact it contained "filena, in which montmorillonite is the most frequently used e" malicious executable files

Lichtman said, "the Trojan horse spread very fast. It infected more than 500 pcs within six hours after discovery. It increased to thousands after three hours. By 12:30 p.m., the number of infected PCs reached 11000."

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