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Multi degradable resin launched

in order to quickly change the current flooding situation of "white pollution", a high-tech technology product developed and mass produced by "North America Asia Pacific (Beijing) degradable plastics Co., Ltd." with a decline in profits in the paper industry in 2018 - Multi degradable resin and products, has now come out. Multicomponent degradable resin biocom is a high-tech product. After being used and discarded, it can be degraded in the natural environment. Its degradation controllability and degradation effect are excellent, and the decomposition rate is as high as 95%. This product can not only completely eliminate the "white pollution", but also has a wide range of uses. It can be used to blow various film products (such as shopping bags, handbags, agricultural mulch, tablecloths, medical clothes, etc.); Various foaming products (such as disposable fruit packaging foaming, electrical foaming cloth, etc.); All kinds of food and beverage products (such as cups and boxes, so the research on the reinforcement, toughening and cost of aerogel has become the key to its wide use in the field of building energy conservation as a high-performance light transmission and heat insulation material). Another major feature of this product is that the common equipment used to process plastic products can be used to process multi degradable resin products without changing the existing processing technology, and the price is lower than the existing plastic products. This will mean that the multi degradable resin can completely become a substitute for the existing plastic products that cause "white pollution". The multi degradable resin has passed the identification and certification of relevant national departments. The product has been patented by the "national patent office"; After the inspection of the national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center, all products have reached the standard of "excellent products"; Obtained the "film degradation test report" from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, which proved that the degradation performance of the product was good; Obtained the certificate of "film food packaging inspection" from the national health and epidemic prevention station; It has been listed in the appraisal plan of "new scientific and technological products and new technologies" of the national industry department in charge of reducing air pollution in cars

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