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[Fujian] multiple departments quickly handled the leakage accident of 33 tons of liquid resin

[Fujian] multiple departments quickly handled the leakage accident of 33 tons of liquid resin

November 14, 2019 6 building daylighting

at about 16:30 on November 12, a rear end collision accident between a tractor and a tank car occurred about 1 km from Quanzhou to Xiamen in the area of the Xiamen high-speed detachment. A big hole was hit in the tank bottom at the rear of the tank car. At one time, all 33 tons of liquid resin leaked to the highway pavement, occupying two lanes, and the site traffic was slow

after receiving the alarm, the traffic law enforcement personnel on duty rushed to the scene immediately. The scene was filled with a pungent smell. The greasy resin on the road made it difficult to walk, and once it was stained, it was extremely difficult to clean. Law enforcement officers immediately cooperate with relevant departments to conduct on-site control, guide vehicles to pass in an orderly manner, and strictly prevent passing vehicles from entering the scene of the accident. At the same time, according to the quick test standard, the two main light bars of sawdust and stone powder were quickly prepared in a trapezoidal arrangement until the field was ready for standby. After the firefighters washed them with several high-pressure water guns, they immediately spread them in turns. Yesterday, Chongqing customers came to our factory to buy experimental machines to shovel and clean them to absorb the leaked resin

until 8 p.m., after using three carts of sawdust, three carts of stone powder, one cart of sand, and several groups of personnel working on the road in turns, the road was finally cleaned. (Xiamen Expressway law enforcement detachment)

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