The hottest mubao car foot mat silk circle Audi a4

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mubao car mat silk ring Audi a4la6lq5q7 BMW 5 Series 3 Series how about the owner's evaluation

mubao car mat silk ring Audi a4la6lq5q7 BMW 5 Series 3 series x1x3x5x6 Mercedes Benz gle260l

mubao listed brand high-end silk ring integrated blank pressing molding

experience after one month of use: my is Mazda cx-5, this mubao brand mat is of good quality, the brand goods are of good quality, the new arrival smells on the nose, and there is almost no odor. The classic black color is too right, which looks very classy. The quality of the boot cushion is also very good, and the cutting is very suitable. There are raised small particles under the foot pad, which are well grasped and firmly placed under the feet, and will not be driven casually. The quality of the brand is really good

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product parameters:

brand: mubo/mubao

model: M8

style: Carpet

car brand: Jeep Toyota trumpchi Porsche Cadillac Buick Volkswagen Mercedes Benz Audi BMW Jaguar Nissan Honda Lincoln Peugeot BYD Volvo Hyundai Na Zhijie Infiniti Kia Land Rover chevron Citroen Lexus Mazda

car series: Grand Cherokee free man free light

car series: RAV4 Rand cooluze Camry corolla Prado Highlander crown Ruizhi

car series: GS5

car series: cayenne/Cayenne (imported) Macan (imported) panamera/Panamera (imported)

car series: CT6 SRX xt5

car series: Regal Lacrosse Verona oncoway yinglang

car series: CC Passat Lang Yi Mai Teng tuguan Golf 7

car series: A-class amg/A-class AMG (imported) B-class/B-class (imported) CLA AMG (imported) clk-class/CLK class (imported) CLS AMG (imported) C-class e gla gla class (imported) GLK Maybach s class (imported)

car series: A3 a 4L A6L Q3 Q5 Q7 (imported) except for low speed

car series: 1 series/1 series (imported) 2 series 3 Series 5 Series 7 series/7 series (imported) X1 X3 (imported) X4 (imported) X5 (imported) X6 (imported)

car series: f-pace (imported) XF (imported) XFL

car series: Teana Loulan Xuanyi Xiaoke

car series: sipro Costa accord 9th generation

car series: MKC (imported) MKX (imported)

car series: 3008308408505

car series: Tang Qin

car series: S40 s60l XC60

car series: ix25 Tucson

car series: big 7 SUV and then automatically dissolve and release its payload where needed

car series: q50l

car series: K5 sorento/Sorento (imported)

car series: discovery Shenxing Range Rover evoque Range Rover Sport (imported)imported)

car series: COPAC kowoz meiruibao XL

car series: c4l C5 triumph

car series: ES (imported) NX (imported) RX (imported)

car series: cx-4 cx-5 Ruiyi Mazda 6 Atenza

foot pad type: Silk ring foot pad

Color Classification: mubao Beige edging style mubao black edging style mubao gray edging style mubao Beige edging style mubao black gray edging style mubao red and black edging style two clamps separate and stretch the sample at a fixed speed mubao purple black edging style mubao coffee edging style

surface material: PVC/chloroprene/pvc

ingredients include Quantity: 100%

pattern: solid color

combination form: special for five seats

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