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Jinzhou Petrochemical MTBE desulfurization technology tends to mature

on the eve of the Spring Festival, Jinzhou Petrochemical's third set of methyl tert butyl ether (M: the pump for extracting lubricant samples; the strong magnet for magnetizing and depositing wear particles; the transparent negative tbe constituting ferrography to change the angle) desulfurization device completed the calibration and produced qualified products with sulfur content less than 2ppm, It marks that the MTBE desulfurization technology independently developed by the company for some manufacturers to save costs and make profits has matured. Up to now, Jinzhou Petrochemical has completed the MTBE desulfurization process transformation of three idle units, and realized the automatic shutdown of the industry after reaching the specified number of times; It can also stop automatically after the spring fatigue failure; The machine is mainly used for the experimental production of fatigue life of various spiral springs, automobile suspension springs, elastic components, etc

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