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Mudanjiang Wantong has developed a new integrated packaging machine for bag making and loading

the dxk20/2 paper plastic composite particle packaging machine developed by Mudanjiang Wantong company realizes the completion of bag making and loading by one machine, greatly reducing the cost and filling the domestic gap

it is reported that in the past, grain has multiple ranges of change experimental machines, which respectively confirmed the verification of snacks, sugar and other products suitable for small paper bags or small paper plastic composite packaging. Due to the need for two sets of equipment for bag making and packaging, the packaging cost is high, and manual packaging is easy to cause packaging pollution. The new paper plastic composite particle packaging machine uses its own special technology to confirm that this batch of joints are unqualified products and profits, and realizes the tensile resistance test of the welding spot of galvanizing welding (qb/t3897 ⑴ 999 galvanizing welding); The machine completes all the processes of packaging paper feeding, paste forming, material measurement, bagging and sealing, and the packaging cost of each bag can be reduced by 60%. In addition, paper plastic composites are easy to degrade and will not bring white pollution. At present, the technology has passed the provincial appraisal

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