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MSDS improves the safety management ability of paint coating

MSDS improves the safety management ability of paint coating

April 14, 2006

various chemicals used in paint production and coating processing production are flammable, explosive and harmful, and often cause property losses and even life-threatening safety accidents in the process of production preparation, transportation, storage, use and so on. In order to prevent and control chemical hazards, the International Labour Organization discussed and adopted Convention No. 170 on the safe use of chemicals in the workplace in 1990, and formulated the technical specification for chemical safety as a document. Its English name is materialsafetydatesheet, referred to as Ms. it is recommended to adopt intermittent sealing oil cylinder DS. China discussed and ratified Convention No. 170 in 1994 and established a new chemical management system in line with international management

the author has been responsible for environmental safety work in Sino foreign joint ventures and multinational companies for many years, and his first contact with MSDS began in early 2000. He believes that the manual can not only be provided to customs inspection and customers in the import and export of dangerous chemicals, but also enable production enterprises to obtain important technical information for health, safety and environmental protection work guidance

when the production and use units use hazardous chemicals, they should obtain MSDS, and the safety and environmental protection professionals should organize relevant operators (including process technicians, production supervisors at all levels in the workshop, operation and use, warehouse storage and transportation personnel) to study, and the MSDS should be bound into a book, hung or posted on the workplace for reference; At the same time, it is necessary to inform: correct selection and use of personal protective equipment, how to prevent and deal with leakage or explosion accidents in storage and transportation, how to prevent environmental pollution, first aid measures and master fire control methods, so as to minimize hazards and losses at the first time. Secondly, the corresponding measures and settings for accident prevention should be implemented according to the suggestions and information of MSDs. For example, distribute appropriate personal labor protection articles; In acid-base workplaces, water purification eyewash or shower should be provided; The storage of hazardous chemicals shall be separated according to the classification provisions of the instructions; The warehouse shall be equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment and flushing water source. Another example is to check whether there are unified classified safety labels on the packages of dangerous chemicals stored, transported and used; The disposal of the waste residue and liquid of hazardous chemicals and their reservoirs should be entrusted to a qualified unit approved by the national environmental protection department

at present, there are more than 370000 commercial enterprises in China involving 32000 kinds of dangerous goods. The 1000 kinds with large output and most commonly used have been included in the complete book of safety technology for hazardous chemicals, which was published by the chemical industry press in July 1997. However, what is included in this book is pure substances. The acids, bases, zinc nitrate, benzene, esters, alcohols, etc. used in the production of coatings and coatings can be consulted. However, all kinds of tree ester coatings and mixed solvents as some diluents are not included, but they have been provided in imported products. Here, it is suggested that the production and manufacturing units may wish to provide a summary of the common information of such substances, such as first-aid measures, combustion and explosion characteristics and fire fighting, leakage emergency treatment, storage and transportation and other precautions, as the user's reference

in addition to reducing the starting resistance, the preparation of the safety technical specification of hazardous chemicals can expand the utilization field of micro spherical aluminum powder in the future according to gb-16483-2000, which was issued by the former State Bureau of technical supervision on January 1, 2000, referred to as CSDs. The basic contents of CSDs and MSDS are the same

tighten in time; According to the author's daily work contacts, enterprises do not know much about MSDs in the safety management of hazardous chemicals, which has long been used or is being established in European and American wholly-owned or Sino foreign joint ventures, and some multinational groups in China also require their suppliers to have MS DS management documents, which is also the gap between China and the world. As the country strengthens the implementation of various safety regulations and laws and the safety awareness education of the whole people, it is bound to speed up the awareness promotion and popularization of MSDs/CSDs, so as to improve the ability of using chemical safety management, effectively prevent and reduce accidents, and improve the level of health, safety and environmental protection

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