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MuCell microcellular foaming injection molding process

trexel company of the United States has industrialized the microcellular foaming technology on the basis of MIT microcellular foaming concept, and has been applied in injection molding, extrusion molding and hollow molding. Mucelltm's breakthrough in injection molding technology has provided injection molding production with great capabilities that other injection molding processes did not have before, and opened up new markets for new product design, process optimization and product cost reduction. Products injected with mucelltm technology are being used in many industrial fields, including automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, electronics, food packaging, industrial and consumer structural parts, etc. The main advantage of mucelltm process for injection molding is that the reaction is endothermic reaction, the melt viscosity is low, and the melt and mold temperature are low. Therefore, the product molding cycle, material consumption, injection pressure and mold locking force are reduced, and its uniqueness is that it can be used for injection molding of thin-walled products and products that cannot be foamed by other foaming technologies. Mucelltm injection molding process has the following four steps: (1) gas dissolution. The supercritical liquid (SCF) of atmosphere (CO2 or N2) is injected into the polymer melt through the syringe installed on the barrel to form a homogeneous polymer. Loctite adhesive/gas system that can be activated by ultraviolet light is used. The screw and syringe used in the injection machine are specially designed to quickly dissolve SCF in polymer melt. (2) Nucleation during injection molding, a large number of gas nuclei are formed in the polymer (times the order of magnitude of the traditional foaming process). In order to produce a large number of uniform gas cores, the pressure must drop rapidly and significantly. (3) The growth of bubble growth and gas core is controlled by the injection molding process. The precise control of pressure and temperature is realized by specially designed machine control software and hardware. (4) After the shaped melt is injected into the mold, the shape of the product can synchronously display the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve and so on, which are controlled by the mold design. Although the mold transformation is not unnecessary, the mold transformation will make full use of the advantages of mucelltm. When using mucelltm process to inject foaming products, the following improvements need to be made to the existing equipment: (1) the SCF metering device should have sufficient capacity to deliver SCF foaming agent to the screw at the speed and pressure required by mucelltm process. (2) It also requires the screw designed by trexel company to produce a homogeneous system of supercritical fluid foaming agent. (3) The software, hardware and hydraulic system of the system need to be improved. 3. The measurement of friction force should be improved accurately in order to produce and maintain the uniformity of homogeneous system in the whole injection molding process. (4) Supercritical fluid syringes need to be installed

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