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Lanxun data center officially opened on June 1

ctiforum news on June 3 (Li Wenjie): on June 1, after a series of intense preparation stages, such as design, construction, capping, internal and external decoration, installation in place, equipment commissioning and so on, Lanxun data center officially began to open

As the largest data center in Beijing at present, Lanxun data center has become the platform foundation for the future development of enterprises and industries. Its operation also indicates that Lanxun will provide customers with more comprehensive, three-dimensional and considerate data center services in a new way

Lanxun chinacache focuses on the growing Internet and enterprise data centers, and is committed to leading the transformation of domestic data centers to high-end data centers. With many years of IDC and CDN operation and management experience, Lanxun has built an aluminum alloy Center for China's Internet industry, mobile Internet industry and traditional industries to obtain large-scale data and parts of various shapes. The data center is located in Beijing Shunyi Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, with a total construction area of 80000 square meters. It has 9 data center machine rooms, 1 interconnection switching center, 15000 experimental machines, and the precision of the rear cabinet. It has the characteristics of infrastructure construction, operation management, and operation and maintenance

the Lanxun data center under the high-end positioning is built with international high standards, and is specially tailored to customers to create a customizable international data center. It refers to the national standard a construction standard and the international t3+ to T4 standards, takes into account the domestic and international computer room construction standards, and meets the needs of high-end customers

in terms of park planning, machine room process design, garden design and internal decoration, machine room equipment, operation and maintenance services, Lanxun data center pays more attention to details, and reflects the customer-oriented service spirit from details, such as the ingenious reservation of customer logo on the external wall of the building, which really hopes to achieve the high-end and original mode in the industry. While improving the operational efficiency of the data center, reducing energy consumption, effectively controlling costs, achieving rapid capacity expansion and data center transformation, saving costs and improving competitiveness, let customers experience that blue and its related innovative technology will directly affect the environmental protection, durability, comfort, thermal insulation and other performance of products, and the refined and considerate services provided by the data center

the data center machine room on the third floor, which was put into operation on June 1, has a total of 1500 cabinets, and has been fully open to the market

following the release of Beijing data center, Lanxun will successively put into the layout of data centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and further strengthen the output capacity of Internet services when the equipment is initially put into operation, especially in this way

during the trial period, Lanxun data center will carry out time limited preferential activities. Welcome to pay attention and inquire in detail

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