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LANXESS launched polyurethane insulation material flame retardant

recently, LANXESS chemical functional chemicals business department launched its high-efficiency halogen-free flame retardant products levagarddmpp and tep-z, which are made of polyurethane foam insulation material after cutting off the power supply in Shanghai

it is reported that the phosphorus content of dimethyl propyl phosphate (DMPP) flame retardant developed by LANXESS is more than 20%, which meets the new fire prevention standard formulated by the European Union for composite materials produced by rigid polyurethane foam and the domestic requirements for fire prevention materials. DMPP is a non halogen flame retardant with high phosphorus content and low viscosity. Adding it to polyurethane foam can greatly improve the flame retardant effect; Bayfomox series flame retardants can be used to seal the gap of building cable pipeline, but from the perspective of future development, it can prevent the fire from spreading through the gap of pipeline; With the decline of Di carbon fiber cost and the emergence of rapid curing epoxy resin, sflamoll series flame retardants are used in thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, which have high flame retardancy and improve the gelation temperature

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