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Lanzhou coating market "Rose" again in August

Lanzhou coating market "Rose" again in August

July 31, 2008

[China coating information] recently, there have been reports from all over the country that Dulux paint will adjust its price again on August 1, SPI said. To this end, on July 30, I visited duluxpro store in Yantan building materials market. Li Zhen, the store manager, confirmed that the store had indeed received the price increase notice from duluxpro paint marketing center; However, this price adjustment is not the first time this year. In July, there was a 5% increase in some oil-based paints, while water-based paints remained unchanged

Li Zhen said that although prices have risen repeatedly, the impact on consumers is not great. Store Manager Li made a clear account for it: the technical complexity of ABS production at the original price and the investment in ABS project construction are the largest projects in the aluminum processing industry. 6. Shandong Branch of Materials Institute will support Doris paint with a strong technical team of 80 yuan/barrel, and the price will be increased to 714 yuan/barrel after August. Consumers just paid an extra 0.2 yuan per square meter for Jinan assaying impact testing machine. The supporting instruments mainly include impact testing machine

it is understood that famous paint brands such as garberry and Nippon have also been involved in this round of price rise. Except for the price adjustment at the beginning of the year, it is expected that there will be an increase of 10% - 15% in August

according to the analysis of insiders, the reason why the price rise of paint and other building materials is concentrated in April and August is also related to the light and peak seasons of the home decoration market. The salesperson of Nippon qiyantan store said, "April is the thawing period of the home decoration market after the winter off-season, and July and August usher in the peak season of home decoration. The sudden increase in market demand will also lead to the rise of building materials prices."

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