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Lanxun chinacache helped many media successfully complete the live broadcast of the G20 summit

on September 5, Beijing time, the 11th G20 leaders' summit came to an end in the ancient city of Hangzhou in Jiangnan, China. Under the theme of building an innovative, dynamic, interconnected and inclusive world economy, the G20 Hangzhou summit attracted G20 members, leaders of eight guest countries and heads of seven international organizations. The G20 Hangzhou summit communiqu é and 28 specific outcome documents were issued, which left a deep impression on the world. During the summit, LAN Xun chin helped Xinhua, the people and other key media successfully complete the live broadcast of the G20 summit by providing network acceleration services of high quality, high reliability and zero packet loss through the above basic principles, and presented a wonderful international exchange feast for the national audience

in combination with the actual needs of the media, LAN Xun provides a variety of services, such as online video live broadcast, online graphic live broadcast, online video on demand and so on, which can transmit the dynamics of the G20 summit in real time in the form of HD video and graphic to users, and can also gradually approach French terminals to share the wonderful moments of the conference with the whole people. During the peak period of live broadcast access, LAN Xun's sufficient network resource allocation effectively eased the pressure on the core server and significantly shortened the time for users to obtain content. In order to avoid the live broadcast delay caused by network fluctuation, Lanxun video live broadcast accelerates the seamless switching of the product through the code rate, ensuring the user's HD experience of avoiding the cracking of masonry bricks

LAN Xun ordered a large number of goods in December last year and January this year, and its attentive service did not stop at the technical aspect. In terms of heavy maintenance control, LAN Xun provided a series of service measures including personnel management, progress control, problem control, monitoring and information release management, emergency support management, etc., so that the media could concentrate on live broadcasting

provide live streaming support services for major events, especially to test the comprehensive ability of CDN manufacturers. Lanxun successfully assisted many media to successfully complete the live broadcast of the G20 summit, which once again demonstrated Lanxun's strong strength in network acceleration and optimization. Its rich service experience and enterprising spirit will always make Lanxun a leader in the industry

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