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LANXESS: innovative solutions meet the higher performance requirements of the tire industry

LANXESS: innovative solutions meet the higher performance requirements of the tire industry

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- "LANXESS infinite, enjoy the future" LANXESS brand daily media conference

high level interview

on September 14, 2020, LANXESS brand daily media conference, the world's leading special chemical company, was held. As a digital full media matrix tire platform integrated with automotive and engineering machinery genes, China tire Commerce () was invited to meet with the heads of Langsheng's business departments and experts in various sub sectors in the cloud to jointly participate in this wonderful and interactive event

next, we will interpret the new products, new processes and new technologies in this brand day activity for you through the dialogue of "original flavor". Let's see how Langsheng operates as a post epidemic low-temperature tank? What more valuable solutions will China's tire industry bring in the new era

big guy has something to say

Qian Mingcheng, President of LANXESS Asia Pacific region

Qian Mingcheng, President of LANXESS Asia Pacific region, delivered a speech

in the current global market facing more challenges, LANXESS is very confident to make a clear prediction of the annual performance. Although the automobile and aerospace industries are most affected by the epidemic, and the construction, oil, natural gas and electronic industries are also affected, we also see that the demand for disinfectants continues to grow, and governments of various countries have launched corresponding stimulus policies and began to take effect

for LANXESS, we see that China is leading the recovery of the global market. In July 2020, LANXESS officially launched the construction of the Asia Pacific application development center, becoming the first enterprise to enter the Shanghai international new chemical materials innovation center. It is expected to be completed in 2020 and officially operated in 2021. This application center will lead the application development of LANXESS in China for a long time

under the COVID-19, Langsheng's EBITDA profit margin remains stable, and we will continue to promote our development in China. In the face of uncertainty, we have formulated many plans to accumulate

Hao Mengxuan, Asia Pacific Technical Service Manager of LANXESS Rheinland chemical business department

Hao Mengxuan, Asia Pacific Technical Service Manager of LANXESS Rheinland chemical business department

Rheinland chemical business department is referred to as rch, which is subordinate to the special additives sector of LANXESS chemical's four business sectors. Its headquarters are located in Mannheim, Germany. Its production bases and R & D centers are mainly located in Germany, the United States, China, Russia, India, Japan, Belgium Argentina and other countries. Sales and technical service networks and customer groups cover all regions of the world

Rheinland chemical business department provides products and customized solutions for the colorant industry and rubber industry, which are widely used in automobile, tire, coating and plastic industries. Among them, the main products of the rubber additive business line are pre dispersed rubber chemicals, processing aids, machines that have certain requirements for the working environment, protective waxes, separators, high-performance vulcanization capsules, high-performance antioxidants, accelerators, anti vulcanization reversion agents and other products

at present, sustainability has become the focus of many industries around the world, including the rubber industry. Therefore, Rheinland chemical has been committed to providing solutions for the sustainable development of global customers, so that customers in the tire industry can have overload protection and other functions, and can better achieve sustainable, health, safety and environmental protection development

from the perspective of the development of the rubber industry, the first is safety and environmental protection. It is required that the chemicals used are non-toxic, do not produce nitrosamines, reduce the emission of VOC and harmful substances, and also comply with the requirements of reach or RoHS regulations. In the production process, Ze requires more efficient, low energy consumption, while processing safety. In the final product application field, rubber products are required to have very good application performance, such as high temperature resistance, medium resistance, puncture resistance, lightweight and high life. This puts forward very high requirements for chemicals used in the rubber field

Rheinland chemical business department has a series of products that can meet these requirements. Vulcure, for example, is an anti vulcanization reagent, which is widely used. The tread of automobile tires will produce post vulcanization reaction during long-term high-temperature driving, resulting in increased hardness, which will directly affect the grip and traction of tires, and bring great potential safety hazards to driving. Vulcure can well balance the requirements between the physical and mechanical properties of the tire and viscoelasticity. Even after aging, the tire can maintain very good dynamic performance, which will make the tire safer when used at high speed and high temperature

at the same time, Rhine chemical business department also has another anti reversion agent, perkalink 900, which is also a very widely used additive in the tire industry at present. It can be applied to tread, carcass, belt and retreaded tires, etc., which can reduce the heat rise of tires, increase the endurance mileage by 15%, reduce the rolling resistance by%, and improve the wear resistance of tires at the same time. Of course, like vulcure, perkalink 900 is not only limited to the application in the tire industry, but also widely used in industrial rubber products, such as engine supports, shock absorbers, fenders and conveyor belts. It can effectively improve the dynamic performance and service life of these rubber products and realize the improvement of the value of the whole life cycle

Lucent's pre dispersed fiber products - Rheinland WP series can also maintain very good physical and mechanical properties and service life under the influence of high temperature and high pressure media. The raw materials used in Rheinland WP series are also environmentally friendly and renewable resources. Rhine P91 series is a product based on high elasticity and lightweight pre dispersed aramid short fiber. Aramid short fiber has many excellent characteristics, which can make the products have very high modulus and mechanical strength in rubber products, effectively improve the heat resistance, cutting resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of products, realize the lightweight of rubber products, and effectively extend the service life of rubber products

according to the data in 2019, the number of waste tires in China is about 330million, including 290million waste automobile tires, accounting for 88%. Such a huge amount of waste tires, if not effectively treated, will bring hidden ecological and safety problems. At the same time, it is also a huge waste of resources when it is difficult to achieve the effect of zero release. The traditional regeneration process is complex and has serious environmental pollution. When LANXESS regenerant Rheinland plastic 79 is used, it can effectively shorten the regeneration reaction time, improve the regeneration efficiency of waste rubber, and effectively reduce the emission of harmful substances in the regeneration process, which is the contribution of Rheinland plastic 79 in terms of sustainability

in depth dialogue

dialogue LANXESS high-performance materials, polymer additives,

lubricant additives, head of Rhine chemical business department

: in LANXESS' view, what are the new directions for the development of rubber additives in the future

haomengxuan, Asia Pacific Technical Service Manager of LANXESS Rhine chemical business department:

at present, the rubber industry is developing rapidly. From the perspective of the development needs of the tire industry and industrial rubber products, the requirements of these two industries for additives are different. As far as industrial rubber products are concerned, the current general trend is energy conservation and environmental protection. Products are required to be low VOC, do not produce nitrosamines, and do not contain harmful substances. Therefore, very high requirements are put forward for the selection of rubber additives, and even many customers have requirements for the smell of products, such as customers of car door and window sealing strips. In this regard, Rhine chemical has given the corresponding solution. For example, the application of environmental friendly accelerators and dithiophosphate series products in sealing strips or other industrial rubber products can reduce the production of nitrosamines, reduce the odor generated during vulcanization or use, and reduce VOC emissions

at present, the tire industry requires high performance, such as good anti reversion performance and low heat generation ratio of tires, which is why LANXESS set up such topics as anti reversion and low heat generation solutions in this technical lecture, hoping that through technology sharing, it can help meet the requirements of the tire industry and industrial rubber products industry for high-performance and environmental friendly materials

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