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Lanzhou is preparing to build a "minqingtong" call center

2. The thickness of the test piece should be measured after cooling; Recently, Lanzhou held a symposium to further promote the "public sentiment pipeline" project, summarize and exchange the experience and practices of the public sentiment pipeline project in various counties and districts, and arrange and deploy the next work. It is understood that the policy mechanism of establishing collaborative innovation of major technical equipment and new materials in Lanzhou is improving the rapid integration at home and abroad, and is preparing to establish such a city wide "minqingtong" call center, which plans to establish a unified number and 24-hour answering service. Zhang Tixian, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and head of the Organization Department, attended the meeting and put forward requirements for future work

on June 15, the organization ministers and Civil Affairs Directors of all counties and districts visited some streets and communities in Chengguan, Qilihe, Xigu and Anning districts, and conducted field observation and investigation on the deepening and promotion of the public sentiment pipeline, the construction of three-dimensional digital communities and the new community office activity positions. At the symposium held on June 17, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee reported the progress of the public sentiment pipeline project, and the heads of the organization departments of all counties and districts exchanged their experience and practices in promoting the "public sentiment pipeline" project, and put forward their opinions and plans for further deepening and expanding this project

the meeting proposed that the "three-dimensional digital community" integrated management application system should be built in the city's street communities by the end of June this year. The next step will be to vigorously carry out the "three bright, three competitive and three competitive" activity with the main content of "highlighting identity, commitment and image, comparing learning, service and dedication, striving for a satisfactory window, striving for a high-quality brand and striving for a service pacesetter", so that the masses can personally feel the changes brought by the activity of creating excellence and the benefits brought by the promotion of the "public sentiment pipeline"

in addition, Lanzhou will further promote and deepen the overall atmosphere of the "public sentiment pipeline" project. The Organization Department of the municipal Party committee should take the lead to formulate a comprehensive, systematic, specific and feasible publicity plan as soon as possible in accordance with the idea of "one brand in the city and each county and district has its own characteristics". Under the umbrella of the "public sentiment pipeline" project, special programs and columns should be set up in Lanzhou TV station and Lanzhou, and publicity and reporting should be done well with goals, plans and priorities. On the basis of the completion of the "three-dimensional digital community" application system in all counties and districts, we should actively prepare for the establishment of the city's "minqingtong" call center, and preliminarily consider the city's unified number and 24-hour answering service. Lanzhou

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