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Share the future with the wind and rain - the 2012 supplier conference of Shantui Co., Ltd. was held

share the future with the wind and rain - the 2012 supplier conference of Shantui Co., Ltd. was held

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introduction: on December 12, the 2012 Shantui supplier conference with the theme of sharing the future with the wind and rain was held in Jining ShengDu International Conference Center. Zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui, lidianhe, caoyongxin and sunjiali, deputy general managers, Sanyuan Jian, gaomuhefu and Jiangu zheofu, lean production project experts, Shantui procurement management

1 in the field of frequent use of small caliber home decoration, on February 12, 2012 Shantui supplier conference with the theme of "sharing the future with wind and rain" was held in Jining ShengDu International Conference Center. Zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui, lidianhe, caoyongxin and sunjiali, vice general managers of Shantui, Sanyuan Jian, gaomuhefu and Jiangu Zhefu, experts of lean production projects, and relevant functional departments and offices of Shantui, such as procurement management department, production management department, quality management department, corporate culture department, and relevant principals of business units attended the supplier conference. Nearly 400 representatives from 240 Shantui suppliers nationwide attended the meeting

zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui, stressed in his speech at the conference that 2013 is the first year for the full implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and a key year for the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan. The launch of many projects is obviously good for the development of the industry. In addition, the internationalization strategy of Shantui has been promoted rapidly, and the whole series of Shantui products have taken root and blossomed in the international market, which provides strong support and guarantee for the all-round development of Shantui. All these have given us confidence in development: 2013 has great prospects. Chairman zhangxiuwen pointed out that at present, Shantui has entered a new period of diversified development, which will create broader development opportunities for the majority of suppliers. He hoped that Shantui suppliers would stand at the height of long-term development, deeply understand the significance of cooperation and bright development prospects with Shantui, and take the continuous improvement of product quality and brand value as a powerful weapon to promote development; We should correctly understand the measures taken by Shantui to build a lean production supply chain; It is necessary to establish a competitive awareness of making progress in times of danger and the survival of the fittest, optimize the concept of cooperation, improve the quality level, and promote the cooperation and development with Shantui to a new level

lidianhe, deputy general manager, made a summary speech at the conference on the production and operation in 2012 and the production experience in 2013. Let's learn about the objectives of the standard configuration camp and how to "share the storm and the future" with suppliers in future cooperation. In his speech, he put forward six hopes and requirements: first, to establish common goals and promote long-term strategic cooperation with suppliers; Second, we should treat each other sincerely, respect each other, strengthen communication and mutual trust; All three are based on quality. Shantui has identified 2013 as the "year of quality improvement"; Fourth, we should continue to promote the optimization and improvement of the supply chain; Fifthly, we should strictly enforce discipline and improve the quality of personnel in Shantui procurement system; Sixth, we should strengthen cooperation and develop together with suppliers

at the meeting, deputy general manager sunjiali held a signing ceremony with strategic cooperation suppliers, and issued a work report with the theme of "cultivating the mind, nurturing the mind and building up the future", reviewing the production, procurement management improvement and sales completion of Shantui in 2012; The economic situation in 2012 was analyzed and the production program, main work ideas and measures for 2013 were put forward. He encouraged everyone to cultivate their moral integrity and internal skills when the economy was at a low ebb. Shantui worked with excellent suppliers to build up the future

Shantui commended 13 excellent suppliers with bronze medals, 5 silver medals and the first 36 strategic suppliers. The representatives of the winning enterprises expressed their confidence and determination to keep up with the development of Shantui and share the future with Shantui

During the period of

, the conference also heard the report of Shantui's 2012 quality work review and 2013 quality work plan, focusing on the improvement of suppliers in tackling key problems of product appearance and cleanliness; The report also puts forward the company's quality work plan in terms of suppliers in 2013 from the aspects of improving quality control capability and establishing Shantui Supplier Management Exchange Association. After the meeting, the representatives also visited Shantui Caiqiao Co., Ltd., the forging plant of the track chassis division, the track II plant of the division, the transmission division and the general assembly plant of the bulldozer division as the proportion of track chassis products decreased with the increase of filler, and held group discussions with the business leaders

in recent years, Shantui has taken the standardized management of suppliers as one of the main contents of the lean production promotion project, changed the previous supplier cooperation mode, and further improved the management awareness and level of suppliers by formulating and issuing supplier management manuals, standardizing the supplier introduction and elimination mechanism, and sending quality inspectors to supervise and guide suppliers on the spot. At the same time, Shantui's lean production has been continuously promoted around the "basic management of quality prevention to improve the 4m elements of quality control", committed to improving the management level of Shantui's suppliers in terms of quality, delivery date and price, and realized the common development of Shantui and suppliers

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