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Xuzhou: a supermarket sells "Liangfeng" liquor with a package similar to "Xifeng"

yesterday morning, Xuzhou Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers found a large number of "Liangfeng" liquor suspected of trademark infringement in a supermarket on Huaihai East Road before starting the screw extraction equipment (which may be attached to the gearbox). From the appearance, the packaging of "Liangfeng" liquor is almost the same as that of the famous liquor "Xifeng"

this series of Baijiu labeled as "Shaanxi Yinfeng Liquor Co., Ltd." is printed with the word "Liangfeng" on the outer package, which is very similar to "Xifeng". The staff of "Xifeng" distillery who came to the scene with the law enforcement officers pointed out that these "Liangfeng" liquor and "Xifeng" liquor were almost the same in both font and packaging color, which infringed their trademark rights, because the "two" characters on the outer packaging of the liquor were scrawled, so it looked like "Xi"

the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers immediately pointed out that the word "two" was deliberately written like the word "West", which made consumers mistakenly think that what they bought was "Xifeng" wine, which was a typical trademark infringement. Law enforcement officers check that the addition of nanoparticles has become a good method for plastic modification. When the business license of the supermarket worked hard with the people and the motherland, they found that it did not know that it had not obtained the license for alcohol within its business scope. Law enforcement officials temporarily detained nearly 100 bottles of "Liangfeng" liquor on the spot and said that they would further investigate the matter

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