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The paid provision of plastic bags by supermarkets has caused controversy. Recently, the Pudong New Area domestic waste quantitative reduction management plan (draft proposal) passed the expert review. Among them, a set of basic models of residents' garbage collection by means of measurement charge and excess accumulation have been drawn up. And it is planned that by 2010, 100% of disposable items will be stopped in Pudong New Area, and plastic shopping bags will be paid for use in all large and medium-sized supermarkets. However, residents have different opinions on these proposed measures. Some residents were interviewed at random yesterday

more than half of the respondents agree with the charge for domestic waste

in the survey of nearly 60 people, more than half of the respondents agree with the charge for expanding the scope of domestic waste utilization. Mr. Li, a resident, said: "the garbage cans in our community are full every day, and all kinds of garbage are mixed together. The workload of the garbage disposal site is also very large. We can accept the appropriate charge." Those who object to the collection of domestic waste fees are mainly people with low living allowances and low incomes

the survey found that 80% of the respondents believed that the domestic waste fee should not be higher than 5 yuan/month

paid use of plastic bags leads to controversy

during an investigation in a shopping mall in Pudong, Ms. Wang, a citizen, said: "we can't bring our own baskets when shopping in the supermarket. It's natural for the supermarket to provide us with containers."

according to the survey, SBS rubber has good elasticity and crack self-healing ability, and most citizens do not agree with the charge. Some citizens suggested that if the charge is for the purpose of reducing white pollution, the supermarket should find a way to find a non polluting substitute and provide it to customers free of charge

many citizens also understand the paid use of plastic bags in supermarkets. Mr. min, a citizen, believes that creating a clean and bright environment for Shanghai is the obligation of each anchor agent to fulfill the standard mt143.1 (2) 011 citizens. If the charge can really reduce pollution, why not

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