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The supply side reform of SINOTRUK has achieved Phoenix Nirvana of the old state-owned enterprise for 60 years

the supply side reform of SINOTRUK has achieved Phoenix Nirvana of the old state-owned enterprise for 60 years

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from the accumulated loss of 8.3 billion yuan before the reform and restructuring in 2000, to the point of bankruptcy, to the current annual output of 170000 vehicles, the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and become one of the top three heavy trucks in the world...

in just over 10 years, Known as the "cradle" of China's domestic heavy-duty vehicles, sinotruk group takes independent innovation as the "lifeline" of enterprise development, releases enterprise vitality by accelerating supply side reform, promotes China's "national heavy truck" to the world's advanced level, and realizes the Phoenix Nirvana of 60 year old state-owned enterprises

independent innovation strides into the world's advanced ranks of heavy trucks

walking into the technology research and development center built by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group with billions of yuan investment, we see that a heavy-duty vehicle weighing more than 40 tons is being tested on the complete vehicle hub test-bed, and the whole test-bed is covered in a huge environmental warehouse

dingweiyun, deputy director of the technical center of SINOTRUK group, told us that the R & D center has the ability to test vehicle equipment in line with international standards. This test-bed and environmental chamber can simulate the temperature of -45 ℃ to 60 ℃ and the humidity of 5%-95%, which can not only become a "desert" with extreme heat, but also a "cold area" with water dripping into ice, and carry out a series of tests on vehicle power performance and heat balance

who would have thought that 16 years ago, this was an old state-owned enterprise with accumulated losses of 8.3 billion yuan and on the verge of bankruptcy. Sinotruk group, founded in 1956, is the "cradle" of China's heavy truck industry. In 1960, the first heavy truck in New China, "Yellow River JN150" 8-ton truck was born here, ending the history that China could not produce heavy trucks

machunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of SINOTRUK, said that from the 1960s to the 1990s, sinotruk made great contributions to the development of China's heavy truck industry. However, in the process of transforming from planned economy to market economy, it fell into a development dilemma. By 1999, the enterprise's asset liability ratio was as high as 138%, and more than 100000 employees were unable to pay wages for more than ten months in a row. Production was paralyzed and faced the bankruptcy crisis

at this critical moment of life and death, under the guidance of the State Council, in 2000, China heavy truck implemented reform and reorganization, opening a new journey of rebirth

"before the reform and reorganization, there was only one series and 78 types of heavy truck products in China, the annual sales volume of heavy trucks was only 3800, and the patented technology was zero. The lack of independent innovation capability was the biggest constraint to the development of the enterprise." Machunji said

since the first year after the restructuring, sinotruk has taken independent innovation as the "lifeline" of enterprise development, established four major strategies including technology leading strategy, invested more than 20 billion yuan in technological transformation and product research and development, and built more than 20 production lines of complete vehicles, key assemblies and parts with international advanced level or close to international level

2009, sinotruk established a strategic partnership with Mann AG of Germany, which not only fully introduced the whole vehicle, assembly parts and components products and manufacturing technology, but also synchronously produced the core assemblies such as engine, axle, cab, etc. with Mann AG. The PVC plastic layer adopted quench assembly, and firmly held the development autonomy in its own hands with 51% absolute controlling stake, creating a new mode of foreign cooperation in China's automotive industry

cultivate independent R & D capabilities, and inject source power into the development of enterprises with more accurate methods. At the end of 2008, sinotruk launched a new generation of heavy truck howo-a7 independently developed by SINOTRUK, which adopts more than 130 latest patented technologies. Its driving comfort, safety, reliability and electronic level have reached the international advanced level

"technological innovation has become the 'accelerator' for the leapfrog development of China heavy duty truck." Yuyoude, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SINOTRUK group, said that at present, sinotruk has obtained 3462 authorized patents and 202 invention patents approved by the state, becoming the enterprise with the most patents in the domestic heavy truck industry

in particular, the sitrak series products cooperated by sinotruk and man company, with a B10 life of 1.5 million km without overhaul for key components such as engine, axle and gearbox, and a super long oil change interval of 100000 km, are favored by the market

in the month of this year, sinotruk sold 155000 complete vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 20.1%; The main business income reached 56billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.51%; The total profits and taxes reached 2.62 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17%

in the new century, China's heavy truck industry has produced and sold 1.5 million heavy trucks, ranking among the top three heavy truck manufacturers in the world

internationalization makes the "national heavy truck" go to the world

"the national is the world. Only by establishing an independent brand can we strengthen the national brand and open up the way to the international market; from" bringing in "to" going out ", the path of enterprise development can be broader." Machunji said

at the beginning of the reform and restructuring, the export of China's heavy truck was zero. Compared with Volvo, Mercedes Benz and other international heavy truck giants, the strength was very different. In order to "maintain ambition and strive for a better tone", sinotruk fully implemented the "internationalization" strategy in 2004 to build a national heavy truck brand based on domestic and global perspectives

lanjunjie, general manager of the International Department of SINOTRUK group, said that sinotruk had changed from sitting at home waiting for customers to engage in marketing in order to stay abroad, let sales personnel go out, and changed the "business" to "business"

at present, sinotruk has set up more than 60 overseas representative offices and offices in the world, developed more than 160 dealers in more than 70 countries, established 590 after-sales service points, and cooperated to establish KD assembly plants in 8 countries including Nigeria and Morocco

in 2012, 800 Euro 5 heavy trucks produced by sinotruk were exported to Brazil, becoming the first batch production of Euro 5 heavy trucks in China; In 2013, 300 Euro 5 heavy trucks of SINOTRUK entered the Hong Kong market; Since last year, China's heavy truck products have emerged in some developed markets such as Taiwan and New Zealand...

by the end of November, China's heavy truck exports this year had reached 22000 vehicles. At present, sinotruk has been the top exporter in the industry for 12 consecutive years, accounting for 39.6% of the total exports of the national heavy truck industry

at present, China's heavy duty truck products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, forming an international marketing network covering developing countries and major emerging markets such as Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, central and South America, as well as BRICs countries and some mature markets. China's heavy duty truck "so the two enterprises will work together to better empower the industry sinotruk" has become an internationally renowned independent brand of heavy duty trucks

"secondary entrepreneurship" actively adapts to the "new normal"

in recent years, the world economy has been volatile and depressed, the downward pressure on the domestic economy has increased, and the domestic heavy truck industry has encountered multiple challenges. In the face of the "new normal" of the economy, sinotruk adheres to the market orientation, takes the user as the center, and starts from the supply side, fully implements the "secondary entrepreneurship" project with the transformation of mode and structure as the main content, and changes from the pursuit of "speed and quantity" to the pursuit of "quality and benefit"

following the arrival of the era of "industry 4.0", sinotruk aims at the new goal of intelligent vehicles and officially launched China's first intelligent truck "shandeka" with completely independent intellectual property rights in September this year

Ding Weiyun introduced that the new car uses five intelligent vehicle driving technologies, including front collision warning, automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning, which can automatically adjust the speed, maintain a safe following distance from the car in front, and realize automatic braking and acceleration control without driver intervention; When there is a rear collision risk, automatic warning and active braking are used to avoid or mitigate the collision

Caidong, general manager of SINOTRUK group, said that sinotruk intelligent truck has greatly improved driving safety through the application of intelligent and integrated technology, and has excellent economy. Compared with ordinary trucks, the fuel consumption has been reduced by an average of 5%. It is in the forefront of the industry in which domestic tensile testing machines adopt full digital, 3-loop (force, deformation and displacement) control system based on neuron self-adaptive PID algorithm

since last year, sinotruk has applied intelligent vehicle driving technology to dangerous goods transport vehicles. After thousands of relevant vehicle tests, the vehicles under control have no collision and rollover records

in order to adapt to the changes of the current new logistics business, sinotruk has increased the proportion of road vehicles such as tractors, and continuously developed new models. The sales of light trucks and medium-sized trucks have increased significantly. Through the research and development of intelligent systems, sinotruk has also developed a variety of road vehicles suitable for fine urban management, opening up a new market

now, sinotruk has developed from the former Steyr single series to 3000 models of nine series, including shandeka and HOWO. Its products cover a full range of commercial vehicles, including heavy, medium, light, passenger and special series. High end, medium and high-end and economical heavy truck products have obvious advantages

Ma Chunji said that looking forward to the future, sinotruk will always keep pace with the advanced level of commercial vehicles in the world from an international perspective, and strive to build a commercial vehicle enterprise group with international level, independent research and development ability, sustainable development ability and operating revenue of more than 100 billion yuan

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