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The implementation of supply chain collaborative business model

economic globalization and global informatization urge enterprises from all over the world to carry out global investment in capital, technology, raw materials Labor and other resources are reorganized and R & D, manufacturing, sales and services are organized. The supply chain collaborative business model has been formed

in fact, as long as there is a commodity market and commodity exchange, the supply chain cooperation mode has objectively existed. Early farmers worked hard on the land. The harvested crops were processed by workshops and artisans. The finished products were sold in stores and finally purchased by buyers. These individual activities were linked together, which was an original supply chain cooperation model

in the 1980s, Honda Motor Corporation of Japan studied the marketing strategy in North America, carried out the overall competitive strategy, and through investment, established Honda Motor Corporation in the United States to compete with the world automobile giants. Its products were sold to North America in order to further expand the North American market. In the whole production and operation process, they provide corresponding product technology and manufacturing technology, and establish a production and operation management system based on the idea of overall integration, decentralized management and just in time production. In terms of parts supply, in addition to providing a small number of parts, the parent company adopts the localization principle for 90% of parts supply, and nearly 200 American suppliers provide it with parts of more than billions of dollars. As a result, Honda has established a long-term relationship of mutual trust with suppliers, which is based on Collaborative Commerce and performance standards. In addition, Honda has also taken various measures to help suppliers expand production and find new economic growth points. Donnelly company of the United States produces automotive interior glass for Honda America. With the deepening of cooperation between the two sides, the close relationship between them and the gradual recognition of corporate culture and values; Honda suggested and helped the company adjust its product structure and produce automobile exterior glass. In 1997, the sales of exterior glass reached 60million US dollars. This is a specific example of "Ernst Siebert's repeated emphasis on the supply chain collaborative business model

supply chain collaborative commerce is a global market competition in the world today, which is an important reason for restricting the wider use of composite materials. 1. A new enterprise competitive strategy and management mode under the collaborative environment. Its basic idea is to take the global market and customer demand as the guide, to improve the global market share and to obtain the maximum profit as the goal, and to take collaborative commerce, mutual trust and win-win mechanism as the business operation mode, With core enterprises as the alliance leader, effective planning and control of information flow, logistics, capital flow, business flow and value flow in the whole supply chain will be achieved through the use of modern R & D technology, manufacturing technology, management technology, information technology and process control technology. In the same period of the exhibition, the theme forum of "2014 (6th) International Conference on new chemical materials" will be held, so as to bring customers, R & D centers, suppliers, manufacturers Distributors, service providers and other partners form a complete chain structure, forming a highly competitive global supply chain collaborative commerce strategic alliance

any enterprise and product, as well as assembly plant and parts plant, market and R & D, procurement and manufacturing, sales and service, are upstream and downstream enterprises and key links in the supply chain collaborative commerce strategic alliance. In order to implement the supply chain collaborative business model fundamentally and improve the competitiveness of the supply chain, we must deeply study each enterprise's own competitive strategy and management model; The contents, forms and methods of each link and activity, especially the coordination mechanism, trust mechanism and win-win mechanism among them, shall be implemented


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