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Nearly 2billion super crane orders "rush to the beach" XCMG

nearly 2billion super crane orders "rush to the beach" XCMG

reported that China's construction machinery information

Guide: on April 26, XCMG took the lead, delivered and signed another large order worth 300million kiloton series products at the fourth Xiamen International Construction Machinery Exhibition, including China's first 1200 ton all terrain crane 1000 ton crawler crane and 2000 ton crawler crane

on April 26, XCMG took the lead and delivered and signed another large order of "1000 ton series products" worth 300million at the fourth Xiamen International Construction Machinery Exhibition, including China's first 1200 ton all terrain crane, 1000 ton crawler crane and 2000 ton crawler crane

in 2012, the construction machinery industry continued to be depressed and the competition gradually intensified. XCMG group, the leading enterprise in the industry, took the initiative to attack under the difficult market environment, and the brand advantage was further highlighted. After winning the bid of 100million large orders in Xinjiang, 100million in Shaanxi, 100million in Shanxi and 100million in Hunan, Xinjiang cooperated with Jingfa hoisting for 300million crane project at one time, setting a record for the industry to win six large orders exceeding 100 million yuan in a quarter. Up to now, XCMG crane has reached cooperation projects worth nearly 2billion yuan with its domestic customers

At the beginning of 2012, Xinjiang took the lead in extending an olive branch to XCMG. When there was demand in the market, it did not hesitate to lock the orders of general technical conditions GB 12441 (1) 998 for more than 100million decorative fire retardant coatings of 260 tons, 220 tons, 180 tons and other 70 Jinan gold testing machines, which mainly produce universal testing machines, and more than 100 million hoisting equipment, into XCMG. The share of Xinjiang exceeded 60% at one fell swoop, Win the first season of the year of the dragon

in the middle of February, in the bidding project of nearly 40 sets of large tonnage products in Zibo, XCMG won the first largest single in the industry of 750million by virtue of its strong brand influence, absolute technical advantages, vivid on-site answers and flexible marketing strategies. In addition, the majority of customers in Shandong preferred XCMG, further boosting the market share of XCMG cranes by 5%

in Hunan, where the industry competition is the most concentrated, XCMG, by vigorously promoting the unique advantages of high-tech products such as the 100 ton class, Comprehensively Strengthening the support of service network software and hardware, and actively seeking a breakthrough in competition, overcame the difference between Xuzhou and Hunan in one fell swoop, and won a large order of 100million yuan for 19 cranes such as 500 tons and 180 tons. At the same time, with the publicity of several rounds of conferences in Hunan at the end of 2011, Local customers' awareness of XCMG's brand was further improved. In 2012, Hunan's market share achieved a new breakthrough in history. Under the extremely harsh local competition environment, it increased by 3.5 percentage points

after 30 years of cooperation with XCMG, Shaanxi petrochemical construction giant once again signed a large order for 450 tons, 2 "60 tons crawler cranes and 12 truck cranes. Shanxi, Hebei, Kunming...

these cases undoubtedly show that the strength group hoisting companies favor XCMG's products. The 1200 ton cranes, 50 cranes worth 80million yuan and 210million crawler cranes delivered to Fujian Jingfa for hoisting at the Xiamen exhibition a few days ago fully demonstrate the recognition of XCMG's brand in both sides of the Taiwan Strait, which is a good story in the industry

the important factor leading XCMG in the first place

70 years' accumulation and modest development, the fact that XCMG workers are willing to accumulate strength in loneliness, and lead the industry in technology and products with 12 innovations in 40 years, explains XCMG's values of "assuming great responsibilities, walking the road, and achieving great things". Lintianfu, chairman of Jingfa hoisting, said that "XCMG's values and integrity come down in one continuous line with our Jingfa company, and I trust XCMG!"

the successful development and construction application of the kiloton level have further highlighted the safety characteristics of XCMG's products. Six high-tech safety technologies, such as the high intelligent virtual wall technology and the new generation of hydraulic control technology, initiated by XCMG, have helped XCMG's products to make contributions in various key projects; So far, XCMG's 500 ton and above products have been perfectly handed over in the top ten landmark projects, the successful application of 1000 ton and 2000 ton crawler cranes in the construction of national large-scale petrochemical projects, the 20 day continuous hoisting operation of 800 ton all terrain cranes in Qingdao wind farm, the actual combat verification reliability of 1200 ton all terrain cranes hoisting 160 ton cranes, and so on. Each hoisting case has milestone significance, Customers from Kunming, Hebei, Shanxi and other places have paid close attention to it. Seeing the actual cases of continuous operation of 800 tons, 1000 tons, 1600 tons and 2000 tons, customers in Kunming, Hebei and Shanxi have made firm determination to purchase domestic equipment and XCMG products

up to now, XCMG heavy has won a total of nearly 2billion yuan, which has achieved a perfect conclusion since the spring of 2012. The successful signing of several large orders has not only brought a breeze to the crane market environment that has fallen into vicious competition, but also further established the leading position of XCMG crane in the industry

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