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Titanium plating suppliers of Shandong automotive industry titanium plating suppliers of Shandong automotive industry are generally used to improve the appearance wear resistance of objects. For example, taps and drill bits used in high-speed machining centers can be coated with titanium to improve the wear resistance of cutting tools. There are also penalties for piston ring appearance treatment and titanium plating to improve the wear resistance

the titanium coating is fine and uniform, with strong adhesion, high hardness, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, good conductivity and self-lubricating performance, and should be fastened in time; At the same time, the color is rich and diverse. Therefore, vacuum titanium plating is not only a powerful means to improve the performance of materials, but also a choice to improve the grade and add value in decoration. Titanium function: high hardness, wear resistance, high resistance, anti adhesion and strong corrosion resistance

titanium plating process includes: vacuum coating and spraying process, etc. Vacuum coating includes: magnetron sputtering method, ion plating method, HuiSen titanium gold. If nitrogen Dan gas is introduced into the coating process, titanium nitride can be formed. The coating color is golden yellow, otherwise it is white. This key coating is thin, generally within 15 microns, and the coating is bright without subsequent processing. The main points of spraying are cold spraying. The coating is very thick and can reach the millimeter level. The appearance is rough and needs subsequent processing

plating color: IPG. Titanium carbide, IP black titanium. IP titanium. IP reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coffee. IP black. Rose gold in the furnace. Colorful and other colors. The plating product film is rich in metallic luster, and HuiSen vacuum electroplating factory has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality

decorative film: various hardware products, ornaments, golf heads, spectacle frames, watch cases, watch straps, plumbing fixtures, door locks, door handles, hinges, advertising signs, hardware appliances, pen cases, nibs, hardware trademarks, belt buckles and plastic products, ceramics and glass products

since entering the 21st century, with the development of modern industrial technology, titanium plating suppliers in Shandong automotive industry have higher requirements for most parts, both in appearance and performance. In the face of these strict requirements, the traditional parts processing methods and surface treatment technology have failed to meet the standards. After a long period of research and development, titanium plating has solved such problems. Titanium plating can not be used to evaluate the toughness and brittleness of materials. It can only meet people's requirements for the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, less consumption and other properties of parts. It also solves the problem that the parts' materials can not withstand the high temperature environment, and successfully maintains the state that the parts will not be deformed and the hardness will not be reduced

among these binders, cobalt based binders have high bending strength, good wettability and adhesion to carbon materials and carbides, and cobalt corundum abrasive performance. However, cobalt is a strategic material with high price, which is not suitable for large-scale industrial use

decorative film: all kinds of hardware products, ornaments, golf heads, spectacle frames, watch cases, watch straps, plumbing sanitary ware, door locks, door handles, hinges, advertising signs, hardware appliances, pen cases, pen nibs, hardware trademarks, belt buckles and plastic products, ceramic and glass products

the supplier of titanium plating in Shandong automotive industry has also made a lot of research and application in the production of hard wear-resistant coatings, corrosion-resistant coatings, thermal barrier coatings and solid lubrication coatings. The popularity of tin coated tools has led to a revolution in the cutting field, and the research on diamond films and cubic boron nitride films is also very hot, and has been promoted to practical use

main features: the film has wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, dry lubricity, beauty, gorgeous, etc. Titanium plating, as a surface treatment process of metal materials, has been widely used in the industrial field and is intended to be gradually popularized. {tupian5}

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