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Reengineering "super project" Wuhan made equipment appeared on the world stage

reengineering "super project" Wuhan made equipment appeared on the world stage in recent years, the crude oil price in the international market fluctuated sharply

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representative projects in every era, and these super projects will become the symbol of the new generation of "industrial revolution". At 10:40 on December 9, 2014, with the order of zhangcong, the commander of the 22000 ton on-site project of "Honghai", the launching ceremony of Honghua marine first ship (m1201) was officially held, which marked the successful completion of its general assembly and commissioning and the implementation of the first crane of "Honghai" 22000 ton gantry crane unit 1, a world-class super engineering equipment built by Wuhan heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise Wuqiao heavy industry group. On the whole,

"Honghai" 22000 ton gantry crane unit 1 completed the general assembly, commissioning and implementation of the first lifting ceremony

the world-renowned "Honghai Crane", which is the world's largest movable gantry crane with a total investment of more than 700million yuan, a main span of 124 meters, a lifting height of 65 meters, and a total lifting weight of 22000 tons. This is the first time that Chinese people have designed a gantry crane above 20000 tons. Some people have made such statistics. If the 1000 standard containers are connected end to end, the length will exceed the length of one Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge. If these containers are stacked, the height will be more than 7 times that of the world-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris

it is understood that in the past, offshore drilling platforms were usually built in sections. The lower floating body was built first, and hundreds of tons of lifting equipment was used to lift many sections onto the lower floating body more than 30 meters high. It is difficult to guarantee the safety, quality and efficiency of high-level operation, resulting in a waste of resources. Relying on a series of innovative processes such as "Honghai Crane", it can realize the overall hoisting and closure of modules with a capacity of more than 20000 tons at one time after the segmented construction of oil drilling platforms and the completion of equipment installation on land. At present, unit 2 has also entered a tense assembly stage, and it is expected that the whole machine will be completed in june2015

at that time, the world's largest lifting movable gantry crane equipment will become a "new card" in the field of high-end heavy engineering equipment in Wuhan. When installing the electronic universal tensile machine, 1 it must be installed according to the steps and methods in the manual of Jinan wance electronic tensile machine. It is changing the future of China and even the world in the field of offshore engineering project construction. It will no longer be a dream to realize the strategy of building a strong maritime country, promote the upgrading of the offshore engineering equipment industry, build large ships and build a maritime "Railway"

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