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In addition to furniture and clothing design, building materials products are also widely concerned. They use natural materials and integrate advanced processing art into them, presenting users with a natural and beautiful imported stone product

succetti Graniti stone comes from Italy. From the founding of the company to the 1960s, Mario succetti established a workshop in prata camportaccio with the support of Luciano, the founder's son, and began machining granite. In 1973, succetti became a partner and established a new cutting and processing plant in chiavenna

today, thanks to the experience gained by Italian succetti Graniti stone in the mining and processing of natural stones and the uniqueness of materials, succetti has become a reference brand in Italian and foreign markets

on the basis of Luciano's management and the efforts of Carolina and Arturo, succetti Graniti stone focuses on establishing good cooperative relations with many enterprises. Now, the company has been transformed into a limited liability company, which has shown excellent production efficiency and quality in the construction of construction and decoration projects

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