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From April 23 to May 3, the "colorful series" of Stanley home in the United States made a colorful appearance, with charming colors, amazing "cabinet family", the choice of environmental protection and health quality, super special price and worry free purchase, giving you a different colored space


red passion, blue romance; Green youth, yellow Temptation... Colored space, infinite wonderful! Be "lecherous" and take advantage of it now

from April 23 to May 3, the "colorful series" of American Stanley home furnishings made a colorful appearance, with charming colors and amazing "cabinet family", an option of environmental protection and health quality, a super special price and worry free purchase, giving you a different colored space

time of activity: April 23 to May 3, 2016

place of activity: American Stanley home stores nationwide

1. Colorful series

American Stanley home color board is made of blister technology, with flat and shiny surface, rich colors and higher plumpness; The color plastic board is pressed with seamless film, which can seal the four sides of the door panel into a whole without cracking and deformation. It is scratch resistant, heat-resistant, stain resistant, waterproof and fade resistant. It is the most mature furniture material. It is beautiful and fashionable when used in children's rooms, bookcases and TV cabinets, and its daily maintenance is also simple and convenient

2. Tatami + wardrobe (two kinds of side door and sliding door)

American Stanley home tatami + wardrobe: simple and stylish design, fresh and elegant color, EO grade board environmental protection and health, diverse functions, rich storage, and high price friendly and cost-effective, so you can save money and rest assured

3. American style storm swept the country

California sunshine series wardrobe not only retains the unique shape and elegant temperament of simple American style, but also remains lively and vivid, bringing American life to ordinary people's homes with ultra-high cost performance

4, "door + cabinet" structure is your choice

natural fashion series "door + cabinet", the original price is 1588 yuan/square meter, and now the special price is 777 yuan/square meter. The ultra-low price continues to sell well, and there is no slow hand

5, "door + cabinet" four series, three structures, dozens of doors for you to choose

yuankaili full shutter (with great wall board) series sliding door wardrobe, breathable shutter shows flexible space, exquisite waist line shines charming luster, "dust-free" design, pure breathing, real beauty strength

(Note: 1, 2, 3, 4 if the structure is changed or the size is changed, it will be calculated separately according to the expanded area and store discount.)

6. Unlimited upgrading, environmental protection and better health

as long as the (projection) is increased by 300 yuan/square meter, it can be directly upgraded to a multi-layer health board. Home life is more environmentally friendly and healthy

if you want to know more, welcome to Stanley home store in the United States or call the hotline 400-606-1843 for details






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