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The useful sideboard is not only used to put wine! There is a sideboard, which brings more benefits than a little! And listen to the editor count for you

the sideboard cabinet, as the name suggests, is the cabinet placed in the restaurant

however, many people will feel dispensable about the side counter, especially for ordinary small houses. Although a gorgeous side counter is very tall, it inevitably makes the restaurant space a little crowded

but in fact, having a sideboard brings more benefits than a little

let's listen to the editor to count for you ―

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01 practicality is the king among the kings

generally, the distance between the restaurant and the kitchen is not very far. We all know that there are many and miscellaneous items in the kitchen, which often leads to insufficient use. At this time, if there is a sideboard at home, you can put some rarely used and indispensable items in the sideboard, such as disposable paper cups, cutting knives, etc., which are also very helpful for daily storage

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02 makes your restaurant more up

when the background wall of the restaurant tends to be single, adding a side cabinet is definitely an ornament that shows the owner's unique taste

especially the glass cabinet door or open design. Put some wine, stationery or exquisite glassware in the side cabinet of the meal, so that the guests can feel the personal style of the host easily

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03 smart dining side cabinet partition

sometimes when dividing functional areas at home, it is inevitable to choose partition, but what partition to choose sometimes gives owners a headache. In fact, the side cabinet can also be used as a partition

of course, in daily selection, it is best to keep the same or similar to the dining table and chair according to the style of the home. Another point is to consider the location of the sideboard cabinet at home first, measure the size, and avoid finding that it is quite different from the expected effect after purchasing it at home

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it is worth mentioning that if your love nest is a small house type, the hanging dining side cabinet is the only choice

the hanging SIDEBOARD CABINET uses the wall space. As long as the material is selected appropriately, it can form a unified and perfect picture with the dining table and dining chair

the small shape is inlaid on the wall, which can store small potted plants, books or incense, and also make the host's dining mood more pleasant

B8 customized home under Qumei home

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