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On November 11, the "double 11" festival, the famous wood brand Liaoning Hansen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. held the launch ceremony of its B2C platform "Hansen international home furnishing (www.hansen mall. Com)"

on November 11, the "double 11" festival, the famous wood brand Liaoning Hansen Wood Industry Co., Ltd. held the launch ceremony of its B2C platform "Hansen international home furnishing (www.hansen mall. Com)", This marks the official entry of Hansen wood, a leading brand in the wood door and whole wood customization industry, into the field of e-commerce

Liaoning Hansen Wood Industry Co., Ltd., located in Huludao, Liaoning, a beautiful coastal city, is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of high-end solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors and whole wood customized furniture. It is the fastest-growing and largest wooden door manufacturer in the field of wooden door industry in China. Hansen has the most advanced production equipment in the world, with an annual production capacity of 300000 sets, and its marketing network layout covers 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. The main products of the company include high-grade solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, various door covers, kick angle lines, window covers, wardrobe doors and closet doors, etc. Ensure to provide personalized, high-quality, green and environmental friendly high-quality wooden door products for each high-end user. It is deeply loved and praised by customers at home and abroad, and has a large number of loyal customers

whether it's starting from scratch at the beginning, or the brilliant journey at the peak of the industry for many years, and now it keeps pace with the times, dares to be the first in the world, and bravely expands the new field of e-commerce, Hansen always insists that it is not only selling products, but also offering an excellent quality and brand value that sublimates consumer emotion

just for exquisite life, the essence of this brand has always run through the sincere service and excellent quality of Hansen wood. What Hansen produces is not only a wooden door, but also a beautiful gift that gives magnificent and glorious vitality. It is in every casual, Hansen perfectly interprets the beauty of life in the most appropriate way, guarding the safety and tranquility of every family. Therefore, in the past decade, Hansen wood has been loved and respected by consumers at home and abroad

the B2C online mall "hansenmall (" launched this time is a heavyweight project that Hansen wood has been promoting for two years. It has completely broken the limitations of consumption regions and broken through the time limit of traditional sales channels. It will serve as a new platform, inherit Hansen's brand concept of "only for exquisite life", and create a carrier carrying satisfaction, considerate service and excellent quality, A carrier that conveys the warmth of human feelings and the beauty of life, and realizes the double leap of Hansen quality and brand

the launch of B2C platform is only a prelude for Hansen to expand the e-commerce field of wood industry. In the future, Hansen wood industry will vigorously improve its management level in terms of user experience, products and services, and strive to be perfect, so that users can enjoy home decoration and quality life in a fast and convenient way. At the same time, new products will be launched at a frequency of 40 days, so that the goods on the website will be more abundant, and users who love life and pay attention to quality can quickly and conveniently contact the latest home decoration trends at all times,. In order to eliminate users' shopping risks, Hansen made a commitment to "share online and offline services", and provided consumers with intimate five-star after-sales services such as repair and maintenance, completely eliminating the worries of consumers

on the occasion of the launch of Hansen wood online mall "Hansen international home furnishing (", the company presented a visual and technological feast through advanced technology and illustrated pages, which made many industry veterans deeply feel the elegant and fashionable brand charm of Hansen wood, and also full of expectations for the development of Hansen B2C platform. The official launch of hansenmall "hansenmall (" will open a new chapter of wooden door and whole wood e-commerce, which is of milestone significance in this field. The prospect of hansenmall online is expected





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