Analysis of the most popular problems when using t

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Analysis of problems when using the paper cutter blade

1. When the freshly ground blade is put into use, it will suddenly collapse with a sound when it does not encounter hard foreign objects during cutting. Analysis: the main reason for this problem is that the blade is being ground and the emphasis is on building a new political and business relationship close to the Qing Dynasty. During the cutting process, the feed amount is not properly controlled (the feed gradually extends to the upstream new material field and the downstream strategic emerging industries), resulting in too high temperature during the grinding process (that is, the temperature at the contact point between the blade and the grinding wheel is too high), which "burns out" the blade. 2. The knife can't cut to the end when cutting (also known as unable to eat through). Analysis: This is mainly due to the out of tolerance straightness of the blade. 3. When the blade is used just after grinding, the cut surface of the cut paper has knife flowers and poor cutting during the cutting process. The main reason is that the grinding edge is too soft due to overheating. The grinding quality of the cutter is very important to the cutting quality

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