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Global PC negative growth touch + deformation or way out

since 2010, Apple iPad has gradually eroded the market share of traditional PC products such as notebooks. This trend has intensified after the release of Android devices such as Amazon kindlefire and Samsung note. Data released by IDC, an American market research company, showed that global PC sales fell sharply by 14% in the first quarter of this year, the largest decline since 1994. To make matters worse, this downturn in the PC market continues. According to IDC's latest forecast, global PC sales will decline by 7.8% in 2013, which will be a negative growth in PC sales for two consecutive years. In order to reverse the decline, PC manufacturers have been thinking hard about transformation in recent years, but the effect is very little. This year, traditional PC manufacturers have learned from the design elements of tablet computers and used touch + deformation to confront the challenges of mobile devices. Industry insiders believe that this may attract the attention of consumers in the future, but if it is to succeed, it also needs to provide soft services on the basis of hardware, and there is hope for the transformation from manufacturing industry to service industry

pc sales suffered a continuous cold winter

with the popularity of tablet computers and smart phones, PC market sales continue to be negative. According to data released by IDC, global PC sales fell sharply by 14% in the first quarter of this year, while desktop sales fell by 12.2%, the largest decline since the company began tracking PC sales in 1994. To make matters worse, this sluggish trend in the PC market will continue. According to IDC's latest forecast, global PC sales will decline by 8% in 2013, higher than the 4% decline in 2012. If the forecast is accurate, this will be the second consecutive year of decline in PC sales

in addition, canalys, an independent market research company, reported that in the first quarter of 2013, global desktop computer shipments decreased by 10.3% year-on-year, and notebook computer shipments decreased by 13.1% year-on-year. However, the size of the tablet computer market more than doubled year-on-year, with product shipments reaching 41.9 million units, an increase rate of 106.1%

according to the analysis, there are three main factors for the continuous decline of traditional PC business sales: first, the popularity of tablet computers, smart and other mobile terminals has brought convenience to consumers. With the development of mobile Internet, it has become the most important tool for people to surf; Second, traditional personal computers have been updated less in recent years. The biggest change in both software and hardware is the expansion of hard disk, and there are not many function points that attract users to replace; Third, now the PC market is basically saturated, and many families have even reached the level of one family with multiple computers. Even if they are upgraded, they only replace the old parts on the original basis, or use them for other purposes

the trend of two in one transformation of traditional manufacturers

in the face of the current market difficulties, traditional PC giants need to come up with more innovative products than intelligent manufacturers in order to rejuvenate this declining traditional PC industry. So they focused on the combination of traditional PC and tablet, and launched two in one devices. The so-called two in one is tablet + ultrabook, touch + keyboard (the future may be voice input)

with Microsoft's windows8 platform with built-in touch interface released last October, and Intel's chip energy efficiency improved, PC manufacturers began to pay attention to products that can switch between tablet computers and ultra-thin touch-screen notebooks, hoping to stimulate growth. At the recent Taipei Computer Show, the global graphene industry scope of the traditional PC industry chain will exceed trillion yuan. Companies at the level of Intel, Sony, Acer, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, Toshiba, etc. have launched new products. From these products, traditional PC manufacturers will strive to create a product trend of touch + deformation in the future

Acer launched the small screen win8 tablet computer iconiaw3, with a touch screen of only 8.1 inches and a keyboard base, making the product look like a portable laptop. Compared with Acer, Asustek's transformation is more thorough. It launched the world's first notebook/tablet/desktop 3in1 deformation product, and is equipped with windows8 and Android dual operating systems to meet the needs of consumers in different use situations such as work, entertainment and family. Sony's new vaioduo13 is a side sliding hybrid touch ultrabook, which can realize the rapid and seamless conversion between traditional computer mode and tablet mode. This ultrabook is similar to a slide cover. When the upper cover of the computer slides on the keyboard, it can become a tablet computer and realize all the functions of the tablet

industry observer Shen Wenjian said that from the beginning, our data showed that we paid too much attention to the physical form of PC and ignored its functional form. All along, what consumers need is not the terminal product of PC itself, but a service platform that can provide business or leisure. After intelligence has met users' needs for light use, all they need is a tool that can help them work. It doesn't matter in what form this tool exists

hardware + software services improve core competitiveness

from the perspective of new PC products launched at present, the market prospect of tablet + ultrabook, touch + keyboard and other hybrid devices is promising. IDC predicts that touch computers will account for 17% of the PC market this year, up from 4% last year, and are expected to reach 58% in 2017, accounting for the mainstream of the PC market. Although traditional PC enterprises have launched the so-called "touch + deformation" two in one product, it does not mean that they give up the traditional PC business. From the latest product launch of the current tablet giant apple, we can also see that it still attaches great importance to traditional PC products and continues to launch corresponding MacBook products. However, PC pingji'nan experimental machine factory's two in one products in machinery manufacturing and various equipment are only physical form innovation in essence. In other words, this is only a phased substitute in the end, and will not really prolong the life cycle of PC

Shen Wenjian said that on the surface, the emergence of new personal terminal devices such as tablet computers, smartphones, and even smart TVs has accelerated the rapid decline in PC shipments. But in fact, the most fundamental reason is that people have found a better platform and substitute for the business services, leisure and entertainment provided by PC, and the PC that has not changed much over the years will naturally be abandoned by the new mainstream consumer groups

a PC industry executive also said that for a long time in the past, PC enterprises only had to have a good relationship with Microsoft and Intel. They launched new products, and PC enterprises quickly followed suit and upgraded their configuration. Now, the industry is no longer dominated by Wintel Alliance (Microsoft Intel alliance). Enterprises should carry out precision marketing for different markets

Shen Wenjian said that the PC industry will definitely become a very basic and low value-added industry, and it is difficult to continue to support the growth demand of PC giants in terms of scale and value. Therefore, the future upgrading and transformation direction of the PC industry should be based on the transformation and upgrading of hardware and software, products and services in the era of cloud computing, so as to obtain stronger competitiveness

the transformation of PC enterprises, relying on the existing hardware equipment, there is still a few years of living space to accelerate the transformation of hardware with software. Through the construction of ecosystem represented by software, PC hardware that was originally scattered in all regions of the world should be fully activated with the help of cloud computing. So as to realize the replication and transfer from hardware customers to business customers who display the pressure value on the value-added display screen, so as to extend the original gene of PC enterprises. The key to the transformation is to take advantage of the popularity of its own terminal devices, and provide various cloud storage, cloud services, etc. with the cloud platform supported by cloud computing, which should be an important direction and gateway for future transformation

Intel took measures to save PC

the first half of 2013 was a particularly difficult year for the PC industry. In the first quarter, the global PC market sales fell by nearly 14% year-on-year, setting a record for nearly a decade, which made the industry almost sad. Fortunately, the bosses are not discouraged. At the computex2013 computer exhibition held in Taipei, China, Intel officially released its fourth generation core processor platform Haswell, claiming that it has greatly reduced the power consumption of traditional PC processors through architecture innovation. In notebook products, the endurance of products using Haswell processor platform will be increased by more than 50%, which will make notebook products have new capital to compete with tablet products

the new generation of ultrabook and ultra long standby

in the current mobile intelligent terminal market, the substitution effect of tablet computers for notebook computer products is gradually emerging. Although notebook computers are still the first choice for users in the field of business and office, in the home entertainment market, the battery life of notebook products has been particularly amplified in front of tablet products represented by iPad, which has led to the entertainment consumer market, and notebook computers have gradually lost their first choice for users

the Haswell processor released by Intel this time is a powerful counterattack against this phenomenon. According to the introduction, the processor of Haswell platform is actually oriented to the desktop and notebook markets at the same time, but its architecture upgrading mainly focuses on the reduction of power consumption and the improvement of display performance, so for the perception of PC users, the changes that Haswell platform will bring in the notebook market will attract more attention. Liuzhenghao, an analyst at cloud consulting, told. According to the information disclosed by Intel, using Haswell platform, the endurance of the new generation of ultrabook will be able to be increased to about 50%. Taking our newly launched S7 as an example, the endurance time will be increased to about 7 hours. Acer officials said that Intel's new processor platform has improved greatly in power consumption and heat dissipation due to the improvement of technology and architecture, providing space for ultra light and thin notebook products to install larger capacity batteries and optimize battery life

according to Intel, in the second half of this year, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell, HP, Acer and other PC companies launched a new generation of ultrabooks equipped with Haswell processors, which will provide days of ultra long standby capacity and hours of use time, which will make ultrabooks more resistant to the competition of tablet computers. In addition to releasing the Haswell processor platform, Intel also showed the original prototype of baytrail (internal number), the next-generation product of Atom processor platform, which supports an ultra-high resolution of 2560 1440 pixels and supports two different operating systems, windows8 and Android. According to Intel, while the performance is enhanced, baytrail chip also has the super endurance ability of Haswell, and the tablet computer products using this chip will have all-weather working ability

Qualcomm and MediaTek jointly sniped

while Intel launched a counterattack by making up for the power consumption shortage through technological upgrading, Qualcomm and MediaTek, which have occupied the first mover advantage in the tablet and smart markets, have also launched actions. A few days before computex2013 was launched, MediaTek announced the official release of the new quad core tablet computer solution mt8125, which is an upgraded version of mt6589, which was popular in the smart market before MediaTek. In addition to providing stronger performance through a higher main frequency, it still

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