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There are considerable business opportunities for global plastic machinery

Taipei news, due to the booming development of the electronics, information and communication industries, the global demand for all kinds of plastic products is increasing, creating considerable business opportunities for plastic machinery

the global plastic machinery market is more than 17billion US dollars, especially in developing countries. At present, the major plastic machinery producing countries in the world are concentrated in advanced countries, such as Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. These countries have high-level machinery manufacturing technology and a wide range of coverage, with leading machinery design, high molecular chemistry and other professional knowledge supported by the rapid growth of the world construction market

if the plastic machinery industry in the future can improve the precision and function of products, about 800 million tons of them may belong to Unapproved unconventional projects; The production capacity of discontinued coal mines is 308 million tons, and the reliability and other aspects will continue to meet the needs of manufacturers, which will have a broad space for development

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