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The global demand for polycarbonate is growing rapidly

according to the latest report of IHS chemistry, stimulated by the strong growth in the demand for new applications in the field of automotive glass assembly and consumer electronics, the global demand for polycarbonate (PC) will grow rapidly at an average annual rate of about 5% in the next five years, and the market will reach about 4.5 million tons/year in 2016

ihs chemical said that in 2011, the market of electronic products, especially consumer electronic products, accounted for about% of the PC terminal market. The main purpose is to establish a practical detection flow chart. Materials with high modulus of elasticity can be selected and the bearing cross-sectional area can be appropriately increased. 20 this medical plastics Forum will provide rich information and theme content for the audience; The sheet and film market mainly used in the construction industry accounts for 18% of the PC terminal market share; Optical media market accounts for 18%; Electrical appliances and automobile non window markets account for 12% respectively. In 2011, the demand for PC in the United States reached about 360000 tons

at present, the world's largest PC manufacturers are Bayer AG and Saudi Basic Industries, accounting for about 28% and 25% of the global production capacity respectively

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