The hottest global paint market is both happy and

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The global paint market is also happy and worried

the global paint market is also happy and worried

July 28, 2005

a major problem faced by paint manufacturers this year is that raw materials are too high. Factors such as tight energy supply and increased costs have led to an increase in the costs of local agents, epoxy resins and acrylic resins in Jinan, which has a direct impact on market analysts' estimates. In 2006, the supply of raw coating materials such as acrylic acid will remain tight, and the demand will exceed the new capacity, with an annual growth rate of about 3% to 5%

take Valspar, a paint company, for example, its sales increased by 11.1% in the first quarter of this year, but its net income fell by 36%. This result reflects that although the sales revenue of the coating company is more serious by assuming that these dust enter the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials has a great negative impact on the profitability

at the same time, the consumption demand of the global coating market continues to grow. Chemark consulting group predicts that the growth rate of global coating consumption is expected to reach 4.7% in 2005. The growth rate in North America is about 3.1%, Europe is about 3.4%, Asia is about 5.5%, and the rest of the world is about 4.5%. Asia, especially China, has become the fastest-growing coating market in the world

at present, the paint consumption market is divided into architectural paint, industrial OEM (original equipment manufacturer) paint and special paint. Among them, the construction coating market has developed strongly, with the same growth rate as GDP in developed countries, while in China, Brazil and former Eastern European countries, it has increased at a double-digit high speed. Chemark Consulting Group estimates that the total global sales of architectural coatings this year is about US $31billion

unlike architectural coatings, the global OEM coating market has performed poorly this year, and insiders expect the annual growth rate to be only 0.5%. Although uv/eb curing has developed strongly in some fields, the overall market is relatively weak, especially in developed countries. As the OEM coating market in China, Brazil, Eastern European countries, India and some countries in the Asia Pacific region is developing rapidly, OEM coating production is being transferred to these regions in recent years

according to chemquest experts, the largest application market of OEM coatings in the world is automotive OEM coatings, accounting for about 33% of the global OEM coating market. In addition, general metals account for 24%, coiled materials for 11%, mechanical equipment for 10%, metal building materials for 6%, transportation for 4%, and other uses for 12%

special coatings include coatings for industrial maintenance, automobile maintenance, regular cleaning of mechanical and electrical equipment, roofing, wood products and transportation. The global sales of such special coatings are expected to be US $15billion this year, with an annual growth rate of about 2.7%

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