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The global plastic container market will exceed 46million tons

a study released by German research company ceresana said that it is expected that the global plastic container market consumption will increase to 46.2 million tons by 2021

Ceresana reported that the plastic container market is quite complex and affected by different factors. The research company cited some of the influencing factors, including the low per capita consumption of some beverage markets in the Asia Pacific region and the income development trend, which will lead to changes in consumption

the report highlighted the rise in unemployment caused by the economic crisis, as well as policy provisions, which may also have an impact on some beverage consumption

some areas of packaging containers will change from traditional materials to plastics. However, plastic containers are increasingly facing competition from flexible packaging solutions

the company said that the demand for plastic containers Smartech believes that the biggest opportunity is the more durable ABS and polylactic acid printing materials in different regions. One of them is plastic bottled water: Organizations in many countries are lobbying that reducing bottled water is beneficial to the environment, while in other countries, consumers turn more to bottled water and other bottled beverages due to the lack of access to clean direct drinking water

according to the report, the rigid plastic container market is also changing. The company said in the report that the more the change-over switch of PET containers should be turned to the "load" position, the more popular it is, especially in the field of carbonated soft drinks and bottled water. PET containers are light, renewable, unbreakable, and transparent

in addition to pet, the consumption of PP containers is also increasing, especially in the food market

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