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Analysis of the printing market in Yunnan Province (Part 1)

when it comes to the printing and packaging industry in Yunnan, insiders will soon associate it with a word - cigarette bag. To understand the printing and packaging industry in Yunnan, we need to have a close contact with Yunnan tobacco printing and packaging industry. From the beginning of this special topic of Yunnan printing industry, I have always felt the technological leadership and innovation of Yunnan printing industry, which is not difficult to see from the exquisite printing of Yunnan cigarette bags. Next, we begin to understand its characteristics and growth path through the soil that gave birth to Yunnan cigarette bag printing

(I) overview of Yunnan

geographical environment of Yunnan

Yunnan is located in the southwest of China and is the key division area of the country's western development. The total area is 394000 square kilometers, accounting for 4.1% of the total land area of the country. There are 16 prefectures, prefectures and cities, and 128 counties, cities (districts) in the province. At the end of 1999, the total population of Yunnan Province reached 41.92 million, and the population of ethnic minorities exceeded 13.95 million. Among the 55 ethnic minorities in China, there are 51 in Yunnan, of which 25 are ethnic groups with a population of more than 5000 and certain inhabited areas. Yunnan is adjacent to Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the East, Sichuan Province in the north, Tibet Autonomous Region in the northwest, Myanmar in the West and Laos and Vietnam in the south

geographical location of Yunnan

the beautiful natural scenery with potential health risks, rich natural resources and favorable geographical location make Yunnan famous internationally

After the reform and opening up, the national economy of Yunnan Province has entered a period of rapid development, its economic strength has been significantly enhanced, and its foreign economy and trade have also developed rapidly. It has basically formed an opening-up pattern based on the southwest of China, with Kunming, the provincial capital, as the center, and the border opening cities and frontlines as the frontier, facing Southeast Asia and the world. The industrial structure has been gradually adjusted, and a number of new pillar industries are emerging

in 1999, the total import and export volume of the province was 1.659 billion US dollars, with a total of 1852 foreign-invested enterprises, and the actual utilization of foreign capital was 1.22 billion US dollars. Since 1993, Yunnan Province has successfully held the "China Kunming Export Commodities Fair" for six consecutive times in conjunction with provinces and regions in Southwest China. With the strengthening of Lancang Mekong sub regional economic cooperation, Yunnan is becoming the channel and frontier of opening up in Southwest China

(II) Yunnan Printing

Yunnan Printing Industry in history

Yunnan Printing Industry in history is not backward. There was block printing in the Song Dynasty when Dali was in power. There is a large print engraved on the end of the volume of "Da Huayan Fang Guang Puxian exterminates the crime and praises the Buddha's name and treasure confession" engraved in the fifth year of emperor Renzong Yanyou of the Yuan Dynasty (1318). Experts said that its "engraving is delicate and exquisite, which is no inferior to Huizhou print". In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were official, commercial and private publishing and engraving institutions, and wood movable type printing was widely used. In 1910 (the second year of Xuantong), the "Yunnan official seal bureau" (now the predecessor of Yunnan Xinhua Printing Industry Corporation), one of the country's oldest three printing enterprises, was established, marking the rise of modern printing industry in Yunnan. During the war of resistance against Japan, Yunnan became the rear area of the war of resistance against Japan, and a large number of cultural, economic, and administrative institutions moved into Yunnan, making Yunnan's printing industry once prosperous. By the end of the 1940s, there were more than 100 printing plants (institutes, libraries) in the province, with more than 2000 employees. Three or four of these manufacturers can carry out offset printing and make copper zinc plates, and most of the others are engaged in lithography or lead printing

Modern Yunnan Printing Industry

in just a few decades after the reform and opening up, the printing industry in Yunnan Province has ushered in new development opportunities. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 1998, there were 3270 printing enterprises (including "three printing" business households - printing, photocopying and photocopying), with more than 40000 employees. Among them, by user category, there are 110 publication printing license enterprises, 527 other printing license enterprises, 231 packaging and decoration printing license enterprises, and 2402 "three printing" license operators. According to the nature of ownership: 351 state-owned enterprises, accounting for 13.4%; 959 collective enterprises, accounting for 36.5%; 92 joint-stock and restricted enterprises, accounting for 3.4%; 28 "three capital" enterprises, accounting for 1.06%; There are 1191 private enterprises, accounting for 45.3%

divided by fixed assets: there are 8 enterprises with more than 100million yuan, of which Yunnan Tongyin Co., Ltd. and Qiaotong printing and packaging Co., Ltd. are glad that with the domestic policies in recent years, the companies are more than 400million yuan each; There are 19 Enterprises with fixed assets between 50million yuan and 100million yuan; There are 41 Enterprises with fixed assets between 10million yuan and 50million yuan; There are 31 Enterprises with fixed assets between 5million yuan and 10million yuan; There are 191 enterprises with fixed assets between 1million yuan and 5million yuan, and the fixed assets of other enterprises are less than 1million yuan

at present, the printing industry in Yunnan Province has basically formed a complete set of industry management, production, scientific research, education, information, industry organization and material sales departments; Convex, flat, concave, silk, flexographic printing and iron sheet, plastic, self-adhesive, commercial paper, ceramic decal printing, as well as gold stamping, die cutting indentation, embossing, film coating, calendering and other printing processes are complete. In 1999, the sales revenue of the printing industry in the province was 3.15 billion yuan (including 2.467 billion yuan of sales revenue of packaging and decoration printing), and the profit was 425 million yuan. In terms of equipment strength and economic strength, it ranks first among the nine provinces and cities in the West

according to the technological process of printing, which is a large polyurethane production country, Yunnan's equipment status: in terms of color plate making before printing, different models of electronic color separators were introduced after the early 1980s, and the plate making technology was greatly improved. In the mid-1990s, 11 color desktop systems were introduced to meet the plate making needs of high-end color printing; Printing, book and periodical printing all realize offset printing, web offset printing for local newspapers, cigarette packaging and decoration prints are mainly gravure printing, followed by offset printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, and other packaging and decoration prints are mainly offset printing; Printing equipment, book printing enterprises basically use sheet fed offset printing machines, book printing backbone enterprises have web rotary offset printing machines, newspaper printing plants are web rotary offset printing machines; Post press processing, flat, hardcover and horse riding binding have been popularized in large and medium-sized book printing enterprises. Small book printing enterprises are mechanized, semi mechanized and manual operations, and the proportion of mechanization is gradually increasing. Large and medium-sized packaging and decoration printing enterprises generally use automatic die cutting, automatic bronzing and other processing equipment

statement: the structural regularity of the crystal region is relatively good

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