Exquisite design of the hottest microwave food bag

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Exquisite design of microwave food bags

the new generation of microwave food packaging bags produced by Shanghai sanyierying packaging materials Co., Ltd. have a wide range of applications, ranging from liquid food to solid food, and can freely choose two specifications of freezing and refrigeration, high-temperature cooking, and materials with different barrier requirements. This kind of bag can be heated in a completely sealed state without opening holes or openings, which will not cause secondary pollution to the food in the bag, avoid the loss of food nutrients and taste, and avoid the occurrence of insufficient or uneven heating of traditional microwave packaging

the bag has a special inner membrane at the steam port and a unique pressure relief device. After heating in the microwave oven, the steam in the bag reaches a certain pressure, and the steam port can automatically open to the most appropriate size to safely discharge the steam out of the bag. Moreover, even if the contents are liquid, they will not leak out of the steam port, avoiding the sharp rise in orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises, where traditional microwave food bags burst under high temperature and pressure. The unique pressure discharge design keeps the steam in the bag at a certain pressure during the heating process. After such a part of the steam is discharged from the steam port, the bag is still full of steam, so that the food is heated evenly and the heating time is shortened

the bag is novel in design and environmental friendly. It can be directly used to replace the current packaging film for microwave food and seal the containers in the development direction of Jinan four ball machine, which can greatly reduce the cost. At the same time, the bag uses transparent high barrier materials to replace aluminum foil, which can be recycled, in line with international environmental protection concepts, and can be operated on the original packaging equipment

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