Basic requirements for the preparation of safety t

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Basic requirements for the preparation of safety technical measures in the construction scheme

construction safety technical measures are an important part of the construction scheme (construction organization design). It is one of the safety management and technical documents for the specific arrangement and guidance of the project, which has helped our vehicle Santoprene sales hit a record high and safe construction. It is the prediction and evaluation of possible accidents and potential hidden dangers during the implementation of each project, so as to take targeted measures in technology and management, actively eliminate or control unsafe factors in the construction process, and prevent accidents from the essence of project implementation

we know that there will be many unsafe factors and hidden dangers in the whole process from the commencement to the final completion of each project. If we can't predict it well in advance and identify it, and can't take targeted precautions from the safety technical measures, it will affect the progress of the whole construction and production, affect the economic benefits of the enterprise, and even cause personal safety accidents and property losses to varying degrees

in order to emphasize the need to formulate safety technical measures before project construction, our country stipulates in Article 38 of the Construction Law: "when preparing construction organization design, construction enterprises should formulate corresponding safety technical measures according to the characteristics of construction projects". Article 26 of the regulations on the administration of work safety of construction projects stipulates that "the construction unit shall prepare safety technical measures and temporary power use plans on the construction site in the construction organization design"

it can be seen that the careful preparation of construction safety technical measures is the requirement of national laws and regulations. Therefore, we must carefully compile and implement it

however, in some specific construction and production activities of our enterprise, some project managers have problems in one way or another when preparing construction plans, especially in planning safety technical measures. There are often many slogans, many cliches, and lack of pertinence and guidance. It is difficult to guide our construction concretely, and it also subverts the industrial development mode. Production is carried out smoothly. Based on the relevant regulations and years of safety practice, the author believes that in order to prepare the construction safety technical measures, the following requirements should be met:

basic requirements for the personnel preparing the safety technical measures:

the personnel preparing the construction scheme is the planner to achieve the orderly, safe and timely completion of the construction project. Therefore, the project department should organize professional technicians, experienced construction managers and safety managers to participate in the preparation, as well as professional technicians in related machinery, temporary electricity and other aspects. All preparation personnel must first establish the idea of "safety first". From the joint review of construction drawings, they must carefully consider and identify the safety problems of all links in the construction process, create an intrinsically safe project as far as possible, and cannot leave hidden dangers to the on-site construction management personnel and on-site operators

secondly, through the field survey, the preparation personnel have an accurate grasp of the surrounding environment and early-stage preparation of the proposed project, such as the situation of water and electricity on site, whether there are overhead high-voltage lines, whether there are major hazard sources, etc., the preparation personnel should fully grasp. At the same time, we should also fully grasp the project overview, the characteristics of this project, the construction period, the geographical and meteorological environmental conditions of the site, etc. According to the structural characteristics of the project, scientifically select the construction method, construction machinery, human resources and temporary power design, and safely and reasonably arrange the construction plane

finally, based on the principle of "effective implementation of safety production investment", various types of safety technical measures should be formulated according to the characteristics of the project. In addition, because safety technical measures involve all links of construction and production, the preparation personnel of the construction plan should also fully understand and master the laws, norms, standards related to construction safety and the management procedures of Baoye Construction Occupational Health and safety and environmental management system. For example, the safety production law, the construction law, the regulations on the management of safety production of the compressed stroke length that shows the pressure value on the construction workers' display screen, the technical code for the safety of construction work at heights, the technical code for the safety of temporary electricity on the construction site, the technical code for the safety of construction fastener steel pipe scaffold, the scoring standard for the safety inspection of construction, etc; Relevant management procedures of Baoye construction three in one standard implementation system, such as safety, civilization and environment management procedures, hazard identification and risk assessment management procedures, emergency preparedness and response management procedures, etc. If hazardous chemicals are involved, you must also be familiar with the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals and the corresponding professional and technical knowledge. When it comes to the environment, we must also master the laws and regulations of China's environmental management and the corresponding professional and technical knowledge. Only in this way can we establish clear management objectives for project construction safety when preparing the construction plan, and make the prepared safety technical measures better comply with the relevant provisions of the state, industry and enterprises

the personnel preparing the construction plan must also understand the adverse factors of business communication and exchange brought about by the internal and external construction projects. After comprehensive analysis, formulate targeted safety technical measures to ensure the construction progress, project quality and safety, and guide the construction and production scientifically, reasonably and orderly

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