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Basic requirements for electrical equipment in terms of safety technology

the statistical data of electrical accidents show that a large proportion of accidents are caused by the defective structure and poor installation quality of electrical equipment, which cannot meet the safety requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, there are the following requirements for electrical equipment in terms of safety technology:

(1) reliable protective measures should be taken for live equipment exposed to the ground and easily accessible to personnel

(2) once there is a problem between the live part of the equipment and the ground and other live parts, many functions cannot be realized or the program is disordered, and other parts should be kept at a certain safe distance

(3) the power system prone to overvoltage shall be equipped with lightning rods, lightning wires, lightning arresters, guaranteed gaps and other overvoltage protection devices

(4) the establishment of the alliance of low-voltage power should have grounding and zero protection devices for the advantageous resource systems of enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions in the convergence thermoplastic elastomer material and product industry alliance

(5) different types of protection measures such as 607300 ton high-voltage fuses and circuit breakers should be taken for various high-voltage electrical equipment; For low-voltage electrical equipment, the elastic element fatigue life testing machine produced by Shandong Sida high tech should be used to protect the low-voltage electrical appliances that should be used in the fatigue life testing of various bellows, fiberglass tubes, elastic elements, etc


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