Basic requirements for the packaging of the hottes

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Basic requirements for cargo packaging

1. The cargo packaging shall ensure that the cargo will not be damaged, lost or leaked during transportation, and will not damage or pollute aircraft equipment or other items

2. The package of goods should be firm, intact and light, which can prevent the package from cracking, the contents from leaking and scattering during general transportation; Prevent the goods from being damaged or deteriorated due to stacking, friction, vibration or changes in air pressure and temperature, or the operators, or deface all kinds of tensile testing machines, ground equipment and other items

3. The shipper shall properly pack the goods with appropriate inner and outer packaging materials and packaging forms according to the nature and weight of the goods, the transportation environment and the requirements of the carrier

4. In addition to being suitable for the nature, state and weight of goods, the packaging of goods should also be convenient for handling, loading, unloading and stacking. The outer surface of the goods package shall be free of edges, corners, nails, hooks, thorns, etc. protruding on November 2, 2018. The package of goods shall be clean, dry and free from peculiar smell and oil stains

5. Goods with limited conditions, such as living animals, fresh perishable goods, dangerous goods, etc., shall be packed in accordance with the specific transportation requirements of the goods and the relevant provisions of the carrier, as a major railway transportation

6. Goods that are precise, fragile, shock resistant, pressure resistant, and cannot be inverted must have corresponding packaging measures to prevent damage to the goods

7. The shipper shall not use materials with debris and grass as goods (such as rice straw bags, ropes, etc.), and the padding materials (such as sawdust, paper scraps, etc.) in the cargo package shall not be leaked out, so as to avoid blocking the aircraft equipment. It is strictly forbidden to pack goods with straw bags or bind goods with straw ropes

8. The packing belt used to bind the goods should be able to bear the full weight of the goods, and ensure that the cross beam goods will not be disconnected when lifting and then moving up and down

9. if the packaging of the goods does not meet the requirements of air transportation or the relevant provisions of the carrier, the carrier has the right to require the shipper to improve the packaging or repack the goods before transportation

10. Each package of aquatic products is not allowed to exceed 25 kg

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