China Paper Cutting Exhibition

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China paper cutting exhibition held in Germany today is the third day of the China paper cutting exhibition held in Germany. Although it is a weekend, there are still a lot of visitors. Many people are attracted by it. They hope to witness the local amplification of China's ancient folk traditional art held in Germany for the first time

nearly 100 pieces of paper-cut artworks were exhibited this time, which were selected from the works exhibited nationwide and can be called national art works. The contents of the exhibits include "abundant animal fat and grain", "fish leaping over the dragon's gate", "pine and crane lengthening the year", "thousand hand Guanyin" and "peacock opening the screen", which are divided into two parts: traditional and innovative, highlighting the development of Chinese paper-cut art. However, no matter what kind of work, its exquisite art and various forms make the audience full of praise

the audience also watched the live performance of Chinese arts and Crafts Master linbangdong. The 75 year old artist has worked for more than 60 years and has more than 300 works. His fine grain paper cutting technology is second to none in the country. He has won various awards for this. His works have been collected by the China Art Museum, and his name has been included in the China and world celebrities. Before Macao's return to China, he made a 2000 meter long dragon for Wenzhou, which was known as "a unique Chinese tradition" and set the Guinness world record

zhangshuxian, Secretary General of the China folk paper cutting Research Association, said that China's paper cutting art is the first time to appear in Europe. It is hoped that 2. The level of the dynamometer before and after adjusting the dynamometer on the front of the swing rod can find "the common 2016 point of eastern and Western cultures through the exhibition, so as to lay a foundation for China's paper cutting art to go global

the Chinese paper cutting exhibition was held at the ancient castle of Koblenz, a famous tourist city along the Rhine in Germany. It was jointly organized by the Leipzig - France Museum in Germany and the German Office of the China Book Trading Company. It will close on May 6. (yanghuanqin)

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