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On July 25, the 2019 China printing industry innovation conference hosted by the state publishing administration opened in Beijing. As the "paper printing integration development forum" with the theme of "green, innovation, integration and development", it was held in the afternoon of the same day. In the dialogue session 1 chaired by dingxia, general manager of China paper, the six guests had an in-depth discussion on the theme of "integration and innovation of new materials, new processes and new products for papermaking and printing"

for the new demand of packaging and printing, how to make the whole industrial chain gradually move towards a new height and glory under the guidance of the government, how to integrate innovation in China's paper industry, and what specific measures are there. Liuyulu, deputy general manager of China paper Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China paper"), made a detailed explanation on the implementation of relevant measures of China paper every once in a while

China paper is the only central enterprise with forest pulp paper as its main business. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. It has four listed companies and six production bases, with a total pulp and paper production capacity of about 3.5 million tons. Its main products include six series of products, including uncoated cultural paper, office paper, natural color thin packaging paper, special paper, white cardboard and dissolved pulp. Among them, the production capacity of uncoated cultural paper is 1.5 million tons, ranking among the top three in China. The main production enterprises are Yueyang forest paper, Yinhe Paper and Meili Paper

in addition, in the market of high-end white card and thin packaging paper, China's paper industry also has a great influence. In particular, Hongta Renheng has a long-standing reputation in the white card market. Hongta Renheng has a strong market position in the field of liquid packaging card, tobacco card and food packaging card, dominates the research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the industry, and is in a leading position in the industry

2018 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of China's paper industry. China's paper industry has taken this opportunity to launch sustainable development actions, hoping to boost the development of the "paper instead of plastic" industry. Liu Yulu hopes to take advantage of the background of China's paper industry, a central enterprise, and unite with some downstream packaging and printing companies and social groups that are keen on ecological protection to promote the process of replacing plastic with paper. At present, the EU has cancelled the use of plastic straw and replaced it with paper straw, which is enough to show that "replacing plastic with paper" is also an international trend

food grade coated white cardboard (picture from: Hongta Renheng official)

Liu Yulu, in combination with the concept of replacing plastic with paper, emphatically recommended the application of two products of Chinese Paper Companies in the process of replacing plastic with paper. One product is Hongta Renheng's non coated environmental protection paper cup card (called high barrier food cardboard in the industry). At present, this product is eagerly awaited by the whole industry. Through the technology of coating in the machine, the white cardboard is not covered with film in the processing process, which truly achieves high temperature resistance and impermeability. Finally, it can hold high-temperature drinks or food without coating. At present, major manufacturers are developing similar products, but Hongta Renheng is in the forefront. At present, only Hongta Renheng has realized quantitative production on this product. At present, this product has passed the expert certification and will be put into the market on a large scale

another product is the food packaging paper produced by Yueyang forest paper. At present, it is a manufacturer without OCC in China, and there are no food safety problems such as excessive E. coli and heavy metal transfer; At the same time, the product has also obtained QS national food certification. More importantly, the product solves the problems of dye decolorization and lignin decolorization. At present, the net profit of this food packaging paper produced by Yueyang Lin paper is close to "halving" and has become an important choice for small food packaging

finally, liuyulu said that China's paper industry is committed to developing into an international paper group with a leading market position, and will continue to improve the industrial chain, promote the deep integration of the "paper instead of plastic" industrial alliance, improve scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the high-quality development of the industry

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