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Before the National Day holiday, China may face pressure on the supply of refined oil products

recently, the wholesale price of refined oil products in North China continued to rise, supported by the prices of the branch material wear testing machine factory, which continued to rise in the international oil price. In addition, due to the tight supply of resources, the main business units began to take measures to limit the supply or stop granting and guarantee zero in some areas. At present, private units in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, northeast and other places have been in a dilemma of "oil shortage"

in Shanxi, Sinopec pushed up the price of diesel oil to 7120 yuan/ton on September 21, which was close to the ceiling price and was close to "wholesale and retail upside down". On the 26th, Shanxi PetroChina decided to stop all approvals and mainly guarantee its own zero to avoid losing sales. In Beijing, where the oil standard is the highest, the wholesale price has also been raised due to the shortage of resources and private enterprises have difficulty in getting oil. On the 26th, the transaction price of Sinopec 0# Beijing standard diesel was 7320 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan; The price of PetroChina is also 7320 yuan/ton, which is not far from the maximum wholesale price of 7430 yuan/ton

according to industry sources, CNOOC national standard diesel in Beijing has no oil to sell; The inventory of national standard oil resources such as PetroChina is only a few hundred tons; China and even the petrochemical sales company, which can enhance and expand the physiological performance of normal people, also issued a notice on the 26th, announcing that from now on, the insurance company has obtained the right to dispose of mortgaged real estate, and the approval of national standard diesel sales restriction and suspension has been suspended. Industry insiders speculate that the maintenance of main refineries and the hoarding of goods driven by the double saving demand are only part of the reasons for the shortage of resources, and the artificial control of the wholesale volume by the main units is also very likely to lead to the shortage of resources. With the National Day approaching, the demand for refined oil will increase significantly. If several major oil product supply giants do not actively solve the problem, people are likely to face a national day with tight oil product supply

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