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China light machinery and paper machinery group, the largest and most advanced pulp and paper machinery manufacturing enterprise in China, was established in Xi'an yesterday

the group was informed by liyichun, Secretary General of China graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance for building materials, which does not decompose Light Industry Machinery under normal temperature, that the group's four subsidiaries, namely, Xi'an paper machinery factory, Xi'an machinery design and Research Institute for light industry, Yibin Paper Machinery Factory and Anyang machinery factory, can realize the role of adjustment. It is the organic integration of scientific research resources, production resources and excellent assets in China's paper machinery industry It is an important measure to expand the compulsory pulp equipment industry and further participate in international competition. The group covers an area of 721900 square meters, has 4500 employees and a total asset of 450million yuan. It has two national scientific research institutes, two joint ventures, three compact enterprises and four specialized production bases. Its leading products have a domestic market share of more than 85% and are exported to more than 10 countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. It is understood that in Xi'an, in line with the R & D, marketing, capital operation and financing of new technologies and new products, Yibin base undertakes the professional manufacturing of complete sets of paper machine equipment, and Anyang base undertakes the professional manufacturing of complete sets of pulping equipment

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