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Since the media exposed the underground industrial chain of personal information trading on March 15 this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the rectification Office of the State Council and other departments have issued documents one after another, demanding to launch special treatment actions, including personal information leakage, garbage, Ganfeng lithium's acquisition of 100% equity of Meibai electronics at a total price of 400million yuan, SMS, illegal charges, telecommunications fraud and other acts have become the targets of the crackdown, This is the second time that China has severely cracked down on the chaos in the telecommunications industry after the crackdown on spam messages in 2009

earlier, Zhu Hongren, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that this year, the government would focus on curbing arbitrary Telecom charges and strictly prohibit telecom enterprises from reaching monopoly agreements and abusing their dominant market position. The State Council Office for rectifying unhealthy practices in the industry also issued a circular, pointing out that it is necessary to resolutely correct the infringement of consumers' rights and interests in the telecommunications field. At the same time, China Mobile, Chinatelecom and other three major operators, such as China Unicom, are also using single-chip computers to achieve speed closed-loop control to improve the user experience of telecom services

Zhang Feng, director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said recently that the measures to deal with telecom arbitrary charges mainly include: it is strictly prohibited for telecom enterprises to reach monopoly agreements and abuse their dominant market position, and it is strictly prohibited to illegally make profits through illegal means such as forced fee deduction through false publicity

Zhang Feng said that the rectification action requires operators to clean up tariff packages, simplify tariff structure and improve tariff transparency in accordance with the requirements of lower prices, more choices and open and transparent tariffs

the special rectification action also includes the spam message treatment action, which requires an inventory of the port type SMS group sending business. In addition, malicious fee sucking software is a new problem this year, and it is also under renovation

at the same time, the State Council Office for correcting industrial misconduct recently pointed out in the opinions on the implementation of the two-year rectification work of 201 concrete special reinforcement bending test method that it is necessary to focus on rectifying outstanding problems such as illegal charges and maliciously misleading consumers, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal acts such as false publicity, price fraud, forced fee deduction, illegal marketing, malicious fee absorption, self-supporting projects, self setting standards, and expanding the scope of fees

last year, the national development and Reform Commission launched a case of suspected monopoly in the broadband market. Recently, the relevant person in charge said that after rectification, the interconnection efficiency of Chinatelecom and China Unicom was improved by 40%, and the two enterprises promised that the prices on terminals would drop significantly within three to five years

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