A letter from Martian cabinet to Yulin decoration

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Martian cupboard, a letter to the owner of Yulin area: home is everyone's living harbor, a place for happiness transmission, and a palace for life pursuit! The source of happiness is the warmth and happiness of family life

2012 trendy, fashionable, intelligent, high-end, tasteful, healthy, future - Martians - none of them can be less&# 8220; There is heaven above and kitchen below-- What we Chinese pay attention to is the warm care that our families pay with love

“ Martian &8221; China's first launch of &8220; Smoke free integral kitchen &8221;, Martians really &8220; Fire &8221; It took only one year for Martians to grow from three stores to 352 stores nationwide, because Martians are really &8220; Smoke free life &8221; The first choice brand, shouldering the mission of providing healthy, harmonious and happy family life for mankind. So the Martians have won the trust of the majority of consumers. We are here to change our lives and are messengers of happiness:

2012 & 8220; Tide &8221; I think -- the Martians launched &8220; The whole kitchen is free of oil smoke;, We advocate &8220; Smoke free life &8221; Bring taste and enjoyment

2012, full intelligent products, full system &8220; Smoke free integral kitchen &8221 Pure high-end taste of life, Martians come, change is possible, let's -- goodbye! Lampblack, goodbye! Tradition makes our life change across the times, and makes our happy life drift with the tide

2012. We are not bad for money, we pursue the quality of life, we pursue a happy lifestyle, we pursue the change of status, we pursue to leave a healthy and happy life epitome for the next area, and we should choose &8220; Martian &8221; Bring &8220; Smoke free kitchen &8221; Revolution. Come on, the Martians launched a mission to change life





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