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House decoration by the owner refers to the decoration or repair of the house owned by the owner. When carrying out such activities, owners must abide by the provisions on the administration of building decoration and decoration and the Trial Measures for the administration of family room decoration. Specifically reflected in the following aspects: when the owner moves in, he should sign a decoration contract with the property management unit, which stipulates:

1 Indoor decoration should not arbitrarily change the main load-bearing structure of the house. It is not allowed to pierce the bearing wall at will, increase the static load of the floor at will, build walls or overload ceilings indoors, and install large lamps and ceiling fans

2. Where the demolition and modification of the main structure and the obvious increase of the load are involved, the owner must apply to the real estate administrative department where the house is located, and the house safety appraisal unit shall examine and approve the use safety of the decoration scheme; The applicant for house decoration shall go through the approval formalities with the competent department of urban planning with the letter of approval, and obtain the construction permit

3. No illegal construction. It is not allowed to dismantle the wall connecting the balcony doors and windows, expand the size of the original doors and windows, or build additional doors and windows

4. Do not move the position of sewage or sewer without authorization. It is not allowed to damage or dismantle the ground waterproof layer of kitchen and toilet and the supporting facilities of water, heating, electricity and gas

5. Do not use flammable decorative materials in large quantities

6. It will not affect the overall cleanliness and beauty of the exterior wall

7. Whether the owner decorates the house by himself or by entrusting others, it can reduce or avoid the impact on the normal life of adjacent residents

8. All kinds of wastes formed by the decoration of houses shall be stacked and transported according to the location, method and time established by the relevant departments. It is strictly forbidden to throw away the waste and other articles generated from the decoration of the room from the upstairs to the ground or from the garbage path and sewer

9. If the pipeline blockage, water leakage, power failure, and goods damage of the adjacent residential houses caused by the decoration, the client of the family room decoration shall be responsible for the repair and compensation; If it is the responsibility of the principal, the principal shall find the principal to be responsible for repair and compensation





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