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Influenced by the trend of fashion and the continuous expansion of the extension of the word "home", we can see that the visual color of the future bedroom presents a diversified and colorful pattern, and a traditional or single color system can no longer meet our home life needs. In the future, home furnishing tends to be "colorful" and the overall wardrobe brand is Deville

natural color

the main color of home decoration in many families is natural color, including white, nude skin color, beige, light brown, etc. With the spread of life pressure and the increasing admiration for environmental protection and returning to nature, natural color will still become one of the main colors of home in the future. At the same time, for example, the Scandinavian style is popular in the domestic and Chengdu markets, and some elements such as cloth art and textiles have also been added to the natural color of the home, making the interior decoration reflect the feelings of embracing nature

as the post-90s and other new generations become home decoration owners, the traditional natural colors are also changing due to their personality choices -- cool colors such as light blue, light green and light gray will be added to the natural colors, making the home show a lively and modern power

romantic and warm color

this color system is the direct embodiment of the hostess's control over home life. The lighter gouache like color is the favorite of many women at home in the future. This color does not want to be low-key or publicized; It is not only similar, but also romantic. Just like the nostalgic elegant neon color in film and television dramas, a casual glance has been deeply attracted by this breath. In the coming year, romantic colors will be more and more matched with decorations rich in age marks - recycled old radios, weathered linen, old industrial products... In the future, romantic colors marked by time can reflect the warmth of spending time together

candy color

if the romantic and warm color is described as the queen, then candy color is a princess, a princess full of vitality and eager for success. It is also a household color dominated by women. Candy color is more gorgeous, no need to be low-key, and more youthful. In fact, this color system has become popular in the fashion, toy and design circles this year; In the future, candy color will enter the house and become the most eye-catching home decoration color

color masters should also remind the household people who choose this kind of color that candy color should be used in a large area in the room to show a good effect. Otherwise, the result of small-scale fuss will be "messy flowers and gradually charming eyes" that look a little dizzy. The recommended places to use are wallpaper, bedspread and other places that open and close widely

thick color

to be honest, this kind of color is really niche at present. If it can be popular in the future, the reporter believes that it may be dominated by children's rooms and some home decoration with great national charm. It is not only very rich in color, but also interspersed with pure black and white colors to emphasize the strong tension of this "heavy taste" home color. Young consumers, senior literary and art youths and insiders in the fashion industry are the main consumers of this kind of color in the future, and geometric patterns are an important support for the presentation of this kind of color at home

mix and match color

this style is continuously affected by globalization. In particular, various souvenirs and furniture brought back by people after traveling around the world constitute a new style of mix and match without losing its style. This color trend does not pay attention to the matching of the same color system. Chinese red can match African yellow, Southeast Asian Brown can match Mediterranean blue. A red lacquer carved pear wood table from the Qing Dynasty, equipped with a Colorful Enamel lamp from Europe, and an old copper dial phone, is said to match in the homes of several stars

luxury classic colors

speaking of luxury colors, the popular home colors in the future are not ubiquitous "earthy gold", but dark color based home colors, such as dark purple, dark blue, Navy, etc. these colors are stable, not mature, calm, not serious, and the quality is not completely obvious. They are popular factors favored by many color masters, and also the reason why they are called classic colors. Of course, blindly using these dark colors cannot completely achieve the effect of luxury and classic. The colorist's suggestion is that when these colors are the main colors, some copper products, copper jewelry and copper wire can be added to set off the feeling of high-end atmosphere and grade. If the owner is not satisfied with this, then use gold instead of copper

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