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Hangzhou Yongji stairs has been focusing on the production of stairs for 14 years. It mainly produces solid wood stairs, with a small amount of wood doors, wallboards, wardrobes, wine cabinets and other wood furniture supporting products

Company Name: Hangzhou Yongjie home furnishing Co., Ltd.

brand name: Yongji stairs

contact person: Zhang Wei

Consultation Tel.: 4006620888 ext. 6716

slogan: create a new era of Chinese stair brands

investment attraction area: national blank market

brand introduction:

Hangzhou Yongji stairs has been focusing on the production of stairs for 14 years. It mainly produces solid wood stairs, with a small amount of wooden doors, wallboards, wardrobes Wine cabinet and other wood furniture accessories

Yongji staircase invited the famous actor Yu Zhen as the brand spokesperson in 2015, which greatly improved the popularity of the brand. In 2016, the new Tonglu plant in Hangzhou was completed and put into operation, laying a solid foundation for production and achieving a high growth rate. In addition, the branch plant in Hubei in 2017 is under construction, which means that Yongji will reach a higher level in productivity and production scale. In the future, Yongji will adhere to high-quality product quality and serve the majority of consumers with fashionable and environmentally friendly products. Yongji stair stands out in the stair industry with its unique vision and firm belief, and gradually develops into a benchmark brand in the stair industry

investment promotion policy support:

1 Provide successful marketing operation mode and installation skills training free of charge, and have long-term continuous professional intensive training

2. Strong advertising support: the company has a brand marketing department, which is responsible for the brand construction of the company, and carries out all-round and three-dimensional brand publicity from newspapers, magazines, road signs, television, exhibitions to the Internet

3. According to the market demand and changes, design the supporting brochures, store advertisements and multimedia CDs to provide long-term favorable advertising and brand support for dealers

joining conditions:

1 Have good management and communication skills, and be able to organize a strong cooperation team

2. Have strong market operation ability and be able to vigorously develop the market

3. With strong dedication and keen market vision, I intend to take stairs as a long-term development career

4. Have a certain brand awareness and can withstand greater market pressure

5. Abide by the contract and reputation, and be able to actively maintain the Yongji staircase brand and make efforts to promote it

6. Have a good personal social network, and be able to understand all aspects of information

7. Have a certain understanding of the stair industry, and can make common progress with the company




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